Bellator MMA returns to action Friday night less than a week after its big Dynamite 1 tentpole event, this time featuring a main event of former two-weight class champion Joe Warren taking on L.C. Davis. In the co-main event, Joey Beltran continues his middleweight experiment against Kendall Grove, who failed to capture the Bellator middleweight championship his last time out. The action begins at 7PM EST with live prelims on, followed by the main card live on Spike starting at 9PM EST, all from the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, TX.

The expected preliminary feature fight between Ryan Couture and Nick Gonzalez was cancelled after Gonzalez missed weight by a whopping 17lbs (Couture was paid his show money), but there are still plenty of compelling fights to check out. Titan FC’s Chase Gormley (12-4) now becomes the fighter to watch on the prelims, as he takes on Dan Charles (9-3), last seen suffering a short-notice loss to Bobby Lashley. The fight marks Gormley’s Bellator MMA debut.

The co-main event features the most unlikely of possibilities: with a win over Ultimate Fighter 3 winner Grove (21–15 (1), 2-2 BMMA), Beltran (16–11 (1), 2-2 BMMA) could be looking at his second Bellator title shot in under two years. A name established back in his UFC days combined with a relatively thin field of notable candidates in the division (with former champion Alexander Shlemenko currently sitting out due to a 3-year PED suspension) means that Beltran has a very good shot at getting the nod to face the winner of champ Brandon Halsey vs. Rafael Carvalho next month.

In the main event, meanwhile, Joe Warren (12–4) looks to get back on track after losing his bantamweight championship to Marcos Galvao in March. Galvao, Warren, and Eduardo Dantas combine to make a formidable top three in Bellator’s bantamweight division, and L.C. Davis (23–6) is looking to throw his name in the hat here. An impressive performance from either men could fast track them into the title picture.

Join us here come fight time for live results and a recap of the main card!


Joe Warren vs. LC Davis

Round 1 — Davis working the jab. Warren slips. Shoots then tries to clinch. Davis lands a left. Jumping knee attempt by Warren. Warren ducks a combo, shoots and drags Davis down, pushing him up against the fence. Controlling, lands a few punches, looking to improve position. In half guard. Davis just can’t escape. Warren looking for a choke perhaps then tries some short elbows. Every time Davis comes close to escaping he gets dragged back down. Davis how now spent most of the round on his back. He’ll finish the round there, and Warren takes that.

Round 2 — Davis immediately suffers an unintentional eye poke as he’s coming in on Warren. Big John asks “Can you see me, am I ugly?” Davis – “No, you’re pretty.” Action resumes, Warren charges in with a big right, then goes for a takedown. Davis escapes and they circle. Warren obviously working to take this back to the mat. Davis looks like he desperately does not want to go there. He’s defending a little better this round, but not able to get off much offense. They break, Davis attempts a knee. Warren is backing up a bit now and Davis presses the action against the fence only to find himself dragged to the ground. Davis with a butterfly guard. Warren passes to half guard. Davis maintaining a half butterfly and tries to throw Warren off, but Warren jumps right back on him. Davis is up, Warren with a throw to take him back down. Warren again ends the round on top.

Round 3 — LC Davis should be looking for a finish. The second round was closer but could have easily gone to Warren. Davis soon finds himself fighting Warren off his back. Warren drags him down, rolls and gets on top. Davis warned for elbows to the back of the head. Simply put Davis won’t be finishing the fight from his back and needs to escape. Davis knows this and looks a little more frantic in his defense. They’re back up. Davis pressing forward, Warren ducks down and shoots in, scoring the takedown. Two minutes to go in the fight. Warren mounts the back, or at least tries to. Davis escapes but Warren still has a secure grip around the waist. Against the fence now. Davis reverses and tries a knee, gets taken down again for his troubles. One minute to go, and Warren again is in control. The fight will end just like that, and Warren has secured a decision — and another title shot.

Joe Warren def. LC Davis by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Joey Beltran vs. Kendall Grove

Round 1 — Beltran presses forward and Grove greets him with a punch. Crazy to think Beltran was fighting heavyweights back in his UFC days. Beltran very light on his feet. Grove lands a leg kick. Grove using his jab, throws a front kick. Beltran throws a high kick of his own. Long feeling out process through the first few minutes. Grove shoots, Beltran fights him off. Beltran pushes forward but is having trouble finding his range. Now he gets Grove against the fence and finds his target. Grove escapes. Beltran feints and lands a leg kick. Good head movement by Joey Beltran, and Grove is backpedaling a little. Grove with a big swing and a miss. Thirty seconds left in the round. They trade. Grove looks to have a cut around the mouth. Not a lot of action in the first, Beltran seemed to be the more aggressive fighter.

Round 2 — Both fighters come out looking a little more motivated. However they quickly seem to fall back into the same pattern as the first. The crowd is getting a tad restless. Grove shoots but can’t finish. Beltran connects, but Grove escapes. Grove shooting against and gets pressed against the fence then takes a forearm to the face for his effort. Grove tries to pull guard in a questionable decision but they make it back to the feet. Beltran with a decent body shot. Grove misses a front kick. Beltran cutting off the angles well now. Leg kicks by Beltran. Round two goes to Beltran.

Round 3 — Round three continues where we left off. Beltran traps Grove up against the fence but eats a punch and a head kick. Beltran continues to press and tries to lure Grove into a brawl. Big right by Grove! Beltran goes down! Follow-up punch puts the exclamation point on it, Grove gets the win.

After the fight, Grove asks for the winner of Brandon Halsey and Rafael Carvalho, and has harsh words for Halsey, adding “I believe I can beat that juice monkey.”

Kendall Grove def. Joey Beltran by KO, Round 3, 2:27

Emmanuel Sanchez vs. Henry Corrales

Round 1 — both men are looking to rebound from tough losses. An exchange of kicks to start the round. Striking exchange follows. Corrales connects with a right. Good kick to the side by Sanchez. They clinch, Sanchez looks for a knee. Sanchez is bloodied off an elbow just over the left eye. High kick by Sanchez is caught but as the fighters go down Sanchez locks in the flying triangle. Sanchez using elbows to strike his opponent, neglecting to fully secure the choke but he manages to keep it locked. Corrales is in a rough spot here. Sanchez looks for an arm-bar and Corrales escapes. Wow! Corrales on top, in guard. They go back to the feet with a burst of applause from the crowd with just about thirty seconds left. An exchange of kicks and a couple of wild combos. The bell sounds. Once again, great start to this fight.

Round 2 — Picking up where we left off, they go back at it on the feet. Hard leg kick by Sanchez. Sanchez may encounter some vision issues from that cut over the eye, but no sign of it yet. Sanchez with a jumping knee and a mad scramble. He pulls guard trying to secure a submission but Corrales escapes. They press up against the fence. Break and return to the middle. An accidental headbutt briefly stops the action (and doesn’t help the cut Sanchez has, which could lead to the doctor taking a look). Still standing toe-to-toe, trading. Sanchez slips. With seconds running down he drags Corrales down and looks for a rear-naked choke, but can’t find it. We go to a third.

Round 3 — Sanchez despite the visible damage may very well be up two rounds. They square off again. Sanchez lands a pair of kicks, shoots, is stuffed. High kick blocked. Corrales needs to press the action more. Short uppercut by Corrales connects. Spinning kick by Sanchez does not. High kick by Sanchez also blocked. He’s definitely looking like the more creative fighter. Halfway mark. Good leg kick by Corrales, whose corner yells out “thank you!” Superman punch by Sanchez misses, they briefly engage and back off. Slightly slower pace to the third. Spinning back fist by Sanchez also misses, he’s having serious trouble landing in this round possibly due to that cut impacting his vision. That said, with thirty seconds to go it’s his fight to lose. Sanchez latches onto a leg but Corrales breaks free, Sanchez does drag him down with seconds to go in the round. The bell sounds — great fight!

Emmanuel Sanchez def. Henry Corrales by split decision (27-30, 30-27, 29-28)

Ewerton Teixeira vs. Vinicius Queiroz

Round 1 — Teixeira vs. Vinicius Spartan opens the main card. After a brief exchange the fighters find themselves against the fence.  Spartan drags his opponent to the ground and controls as his opponent attempts to attack from the bottom. He then tries to step over but is denied but maintains top control. Teixeira reverses and Vinicius Spartan looks for a triangle. Teixeira escapes and stands the fight up. Wise move. Teixeira with a hard body kick with a minute to go, but Spartan pushes forward working the jab. Eats some leg kicks, then sets up a trip, but Teixeira is up as quickly as he was down. Good opening frame to this fight.

Round 2 — Spartan opens the frame throwing a big right. Teixeira continues to throw kicks, targeting his opponent’s legs. Spartan changing levels but not doing engaging as he looks for an opening. Teixeira is bleeding by the left eye. Spartan shoots and lands the takedown. In half guard and throwing elbows. Maybe looking for a kimura, but can’t secure it and settles with throwing some short punches. With ninety seconds to go, Sparatan has maintained control most of the round; Teixeira cannot find an escape. Spartan with an arm-triangle choke from half guard – he gets it!

Vinicius Queiroz def. Ewerton Teixeira by submission (arm-triangle choke), Round 2, 4:00


Main Card

Joe Warren def. LC Davis by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Kendall Grove def. Joey Beltran by KO, Round 3, 2:27
Emmanuel Sanchez def. Henry Corrales by split decision (27-30, 30-27, 29-28)
Vinicius Queiroz def. Ewerton Teixeira by submission (arm-triangle choke), Round 2, 4:00

Preliminary Card

Dan Charles def. Chase Gormley by KO, Round 2, 4:35
Darrion Caldwell def. Shawn Bunch by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 2:35
John Teixeira def. Gleristone Santos by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Luke Flores def. Gilbert Jimenez by KO (Head Kick), Round 1, 2:22
Jared Chaffee def. Guilherme Costa by Submission (Guillotine), Round 1, 0:39
Abdul Razak Alhassan def. Bryce Meija by KO, Round 1, 1:26
Amador Ramirez def. Saul Elizondo by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Steve Garcia def. Eduardo Bustillos by TKO, Round 1, 4:59

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