In terms of potential, Uriah Hall may be a top ten-ranked fighter. In terms of production, Hall has not been where he should be.

Hall, who lost The Ultimate Fighter to Kelvin Gastelum, looked like the Hall many expected in his last fight. He beat Oluwale Bamgbose in the first round by TKO. It was a fight that many thought Hall would win, but to get the TKO, it showed that Hall might be on the right track.

Hall will not make a quick turnaround from his last fight and take on Gegard Mousasi, who is ranked #6 in the division, at UFC Fight Night 75 in what will be the biggest fight of his career. Hall may have fought in The Ultimate Fighter, but this fight is ten times bigger for Hall. This will be the fight to tell if Hall is going to be a guy you can count on to be ranked in the division or be someone who had potential and never panned out.

Mousasi is on a two-fight win streak and is one of the best middleweights in the division. He is 37-5-2 in his career and presents the toughest test of Hall’s career.

If Hall can win this fight, he will show that he is on the right path to the top. Many, including myself, have seen the flashes of potential, but have also shared the frustration that Hall brings when he fights.

In the biggest fight of Hall’s career, here are his keys to victory at UFC Fight Night 75.

Keep The Mind Right:

It is well documented that Hall has had his fair share of downfalls inside the octagon. Many believe that his mind may be his biggest enemy when he fights. Hall needs to make sure that on Saturday, his mind is his biggest ally. If he can do that, he will be one step closer to the biggest win of his career.

Control The Fight:

Hall looked absolutely dominant in his last fight. He controlled the fight and made his opponent fight his fight. If he wants to beat the #6 ranked middleweight, he needs to make sure he controls the fight. He needs to make Mousasi fight his fight.

Work For The Finish:

Hall has lost three fights in the UFC. All three of the fights have been by decision. Hall needs to make sure that he is not satisfied with going to the judges, but instead, he needs to work for the finish. Hall should not even want to go to the judges after three of those decision losses have been by split decision.

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