After a couple less than stellar events in the month of September, the UFC has put together a great card to kick off the month of October. Filled with intriguing matchups with title picture implications, there is a lot on the line at UFC 192; especially for welterweight contenders Johny Hendricks and Tyron Woodley.

Serving as the co-main event of the evening, this bout will likely determine whom will get the next shot at the UFC welterweight title. But as we’ve seen time and time again – especially in the welterweight division – winning simply isn’t enough. Fighters who want to compete for the title must win in impressive fashion; something Hendricks and Woodley have both struggled to do in the past.

This is their opportunity to buck that trend and make an emphatic statement as to why they deserve the next title shot. Both men have shown exciting flashes in the past and this is their opportunity to leave no doubt.
Hendricks knows what it feels like to have that UFC gold around his waist and he is desperate to capture that title again. Woodley is a stellar athlete and a game opponent, but at the end of the day, this is Hendricks fight to lose.

Maintain a Consistent Pace

Hendricks is a phenomenal athlete and a tireless worker, but between some tough weight cuts and some over-zealousness in the cage, his cardio has looked weak at times. Hendricks cannot let that become a factor against Woodley. If Hendricks starts to slow and his movements become labored, Woodley’s speed will take over.

It is critical that Hendricks keep his composure during this fight and that he maintains a consistent pace. He has to set the tone and he has to know when to press the action and when to recover. Woodley is not going to be an easy out and Hendricks is going to need his energy late is the bout to ensure a victory.

Threaten with Takedowns

Taking Woodley down is going to be tough to accomplish as he has a great wrestling pedigree. But Hendricks needs to mix takedowns into his attacks to keep Woodley guessing and to keep him off balance. The more Woodley has to worry about defending takedowns, the more openings Hendricks will have to land his signature power shots.

Not only will takedowns keep Woodley honest, but they will take a tool on his cardio. Woodley is at his best when he is dictating the pace of a fight and utilizing his athleticism; two things he can’t do from his back.

Mix Up the Striking

One of the biggest advantages Hendricks has every time he steps into the Octagon is his power; few if any have the kind of power Hendricks possesses. The problem is far too often Hendricks seeks to land that one big fight ending shot. Rather than working the jab and setting up the overhand right, Hendricks simply headhunts. That isn’t going to fly on Saturday.

Hendricks needs to lean on his power and look for the overhand right but he needs to set it up. Hendricks needs to utilize the other strikes in his arsenal to open things up. If all Woodley has to do is avoid one big shot, Hendricks is going to lose. But if he can mix it up and use all of the weapons at his disposal, Hendricks will earn himself another shot at the title.

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