On Saturday, October 24, the UFC touched down in Dublin, Ireland to bring fight fans UFC Fight Night 76 live from the 3Arena.

In the night’s main event hometown favorite Paddy Holohan took on fellow UFC flyweight Louis Smolka. The two were originally scheduled to meet earlier on the main card before a series of injuries forced the UFC to scrap both the main and co-main event. As a results, Holohan vs Smolka were promoted to the headlining act.

Holohan (12-1-1), an SBG Ireland product, looked to pick up his third straight win inside the Octagon after earning decision against Vaughn Lee and Shane Howell in the two previous bouts. “The Hooligan” entered this contest with nine career stoppage wins, including eight by way of submission, and a UFC record of 3-1.

Smolka (9-1) was also looking to extend his UFC win streak to three straight. In most recent contest, “Da Last Samurai” earned a decision over Holohan’s fellow countryman Neil Seery at UFC 189 in July. Smolka enter this bout with seven career stoppage wins, including four by way of submission, and a UFC record of 3-1.

All this plus a lightweight bout between Reza Medadi and Norman Parke, a welterweight contest between Nicolas Dalby and Darren Till as well as a flyweight fight between Seery and  Delos Reyes.


Paddy Holohan vs. Louis Smolka

Paddy immediately takes the center of the cage and forces Smolka backwards. Paddy ducks down and grabs ahold of Smolka and gets Smolka to the mat and works to improve his position. Smolka tries for a Darce from the bottom but Paddy is not in danger and continues to try and land shots and improve position. Both fighters scramble to their feet. Paddy works for guillotine and both fighters are back to the ground and another scramble ensues. Back and forth action between these two with nobody getting the upper hand. They continue to scramble for position and Paddy goes for a heel hook. Smolka defends and gets position. Again they scramble and trade submission attempts before they work back to their feet. Paddy immediately gets a leg and we’re back to the mat. Both fighters work back to their feet and Smolka lands a great shot that appears to rock Paddy. Paddy moves in for another takedown and Smolka defends. Paddy gets him down, but Smolka gets right back up and lands an elbow as they break. Both fighters stand and trade punches as the round comes to an end.

Round 2 starts off just as round one ended, with both fighters trading punches and landing shots. Paddy shoots in and hops on Smolka’s back. Paddy gets his hooks in and gets the fight to the mat. Smolka rolls to his back and looks to defend. Smolka is very calm defending Paddy’s attempts at submissions. Paddy looks to tighten his body triangle and as he does Smolka rolls into guard and lands some shots. Paddy looks to scramble and Smolka locks in a guillotine as the fighters work to their feet. Paddy brings the fight back to the ground to defend the guillotine and looks to scramble. Smolka begins to land shots and improve position. Smolka gets the mount and begins landing shot after shot. Paddy gives up his back and Smolka works for the rear naked choke. Smolka locks it in and Paddy has nowhere to go and no choice but to tap.

Louis Smolka def. Paddy Holohan by submission (rear naked choke) Round 2, 4:09 

Reza Madadi vs. Norman Parke

Madadi and Parke immediately meet in the center of the octagon and start throwing punches. Neither fighter lands any significant strikes but both fighters continue to look for their range. Madadi shoots for a single leg, pressing Parke against the fence. Parke defends nicely and reverses position. Madadi spins off the cage and reverses Parke. Both fighters working for position on the cage before Parke finally pushes away and steps back. Madadi shoots for another takedown but Parke stuffs it and lands some strikes. Parke starts to open with some kicks and had Madadi off balance. Parke begins to land his shots as Madadi is stuck on the cage. Madadi tries to move off the cage and get the clinch but the round comes to an end.

Parke immediately runs across the cage as the second round starts and lands some shots. Parke continues to find his range with his feet, landing multiple kicks. Madadi presses forward trying to land shots of his own, but Parke eludes them with no problem. Parke appears to be light on his feet looking for his range, but Madadi times a takedown perfectly and gets the fight to the ground. Parke looks for the scramble and gets back to his feet, but Madadi still has a hold of him and pushes him to the cage. Parke reverse position and looks for a takedown of his own, but Madadi defends nicely. Both fighters break and look to land some shots before Parke pushes Madadi up against the cage. Parke steps back and lands a body kick before landing another combination. Parke again starts to find his range and Madadi looks to clinch. Both fighters work back to the cage. Parke looks for some dirty boxing before they separate as the round comes to a close.

Both fighters appear to be tired but Madadi comes out throwing for the fences. Parke pushes him away and continues to work his shots from the outside. Madadi again looks for the clinch and lands a nice uppercut. Madadi grabs a single leg and pushes Parke against the cage. Parke defends and pushes away and lands some more combinations from the outside before stepping away from danger. Again Parke starts to find his range and lands combination after combination. Madadi moves forward looking for the clinch and Parke fights him off. Parke is starting to open up on the outside, landing shot after shot. Madadi again clinches up and both fighters rest on the fence before separating. Parke drops down and gets a takedown. Madadi works back to his feet but Parke stays on him riding him to the fence. Both fighters break before immediately clinching back up on the fence. Both fighters work for position with neither getting the upper hand. The fight ends with both fighters jockeying for position on the fence.

Norman Parke def. Reza Madadi by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3 

Nicolas Dalby vs. Darren Till

Both fighters come out aggressive looking to land shots early. Dalby works for the clinch but Till shrugs it off. Both fighters paw at each other trying to find their range with neither fighter landing anything significant, though Dalby does land some nice body kicks. Dalby pushes the fight against the fence but Till pushes Dalby away and lands some strikes on the break.  Dalby continues to try and work the clinch but Till continually pushes him away and lands his shot. With the round coming to an end Till lands a beautiful uppercut that drops Dalby. Till jumps in for the finish but the round comes to an end before he can get the job done.

Dalby still appears wobbled as he starts the second round but again looks for the clinch and to land his shots. Till continues to stand outside and pick his shots. Every time Dalby attempts to press forward Till makes him pay for it. Till is starting to find his range and landing counter shots at will. Half way through the round, Till starts to open up and gets a clinch of his own. Till is able to take Dalby’s back and pushes him up against the cage. Till lands some nice knees to the thighs before breaking away and landing more punches. At this point in the fight, Dalby is a step behind on everything but continues to push forward. Dalby gets a quick takedown but Till immediately gets to his feet and Dalby presses him up against the cage. Both fighters take a rest before separating. Till again lands as the fighters break and that is how the round ends.

As the third round starts both fighters come out firing. Dalby pushes forward, landing a head quick followed up with a nice one two combination. Both fighters reset and get back to attempting to establish range. Dalby continues to push the pace and Till continues to land his shots. Dalby is able to get another take down, but again Till immediately gets back to his fight. The fighters break and Dalby lands another head kick followed up with another combination ending with a knee. Dalby has Till hurt and backing up; Dalby continues to press the action landing combination after combination. Dalby gets another takedown and this time Dalby immediately transitions to mount and lands some hard punches. Till rolls to his back and begins to scramble. Dalby cannot keep the position and Till gets back to his feet. Dalby pushes forward and presses Till up against the cage and lands some beautiful knees. Till trying to fight back but Dalby has completely taken over this fight at this point. Till has no energy left as Dalby presses him up against the cage as the fight comes to an end. Great fight between these unbeaten fighters

Darren Till vs. Nicolas Dalby ends in a majority draw (29-28 Till, 28-28, 28-28) 



Louis Smolka def. Paddy Holohan by submission (rear naked choke) Round 2, 4:09
Norman Parke def. Reza Madadi by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3
Nicolas Dalby vs. Darren Till ends in a majority draw (29-28 Till, 28-28, 28-28)
Neil Seery def. Jon Delos Reyes by submission (guillotine choke) Round 2, 4:12


Stevie Ray def. Mickael by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3
Aisling Daly def. Ericka Almeida by unanimous decisions ( 30-27, 29-27, 29-28) Round 3
Scott Askham vs. Krzysztof Jotko def. Scott Askham by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Round 3
Tom Breese def. Cathal Pendred by TKO (strikes) Round 1, 4:37
Darren Elkins def Robert Whiteford by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3
Garreth McLellan def. Bubba Bush by TKO (strikes) Round 3, 4:58