Halloween has come and gone, and in a sport as violent as MMA, there are many scary injuries. Here are the most fear-inducing incidents in the history of the Octagon:

Frank Mir vs. Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira/Tim Sylvia

If injuries in a fight are a death in a horror movie, then Frank Mir is Michael Myers. In the first round of his first title shot against Tim Sylvia, Mir was working hard for an armbar. Eventually, Sylvia’s arm gave way and snapped. Despite Sylvia’s protests, Herb Dean called a stoppage to the fight. Sylvia was diagnosed with a broken radius bone after the fight.

Against fellow legend Minotauro Nogueira, Mir was in trouble early due to heavy punches from the Brazilian. Mir recovered and began cranking a kimura. Nogueira, like Sylvia, refused to tap. As a result, Nogueira’s humerus broke and the fight was stopped. It is impossible to watch the replay more than once.

The Cuts of Joe Lauzon and Diego Sanchez

Both of these men are known for not caring what they look like the day after a fight. Diego Sanchez, with wild style, has suffered many horrible looking cuts. Against BJ Penn, the doctor was forced to stop the fight due to the mess that was made of Sanchez’s face. Against Martin Kampann, Sanchez looked like a zombie after a brutal fight.

Joe Lauzon put everything on the line against Jim Miller. Miller was a level above Lauzon at the time, and as a result, his face was split right above the bridge of his nose. Lauzon carried on despite this en route to a decision defeat. Lauzon did get vengeance on skin in his fight against Michael Chiesa, in which Lauzon won the fight due to a cut above the eye of Chiesa.

Anderson Silva’s Broken Leg

Of course one of the most heartbreaking moments in UFC history was the rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. After a huge knockout upset in their first fight, Silva was given a chance to reclaim his title. In the second round, Silva threw a leg kick that was checked and Silva’s leg snapped. The fight was stopped and the legend was carted out of the arena.

As great as fighting is, it can be very tough to watch at times. Happy Halloween!

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