For a mixed martial arts competitor, chasing a dream is all about taking that leap of faith with passion for your craft.

Progressively, their story becomes a testament to one’s hard work and their desire to one day be recognized as a champion. It’s been a long journey for the Bellator lightweight contender, Marcin Held, as his golden opportunity has finally arrived competing for the lightweight title at Bellator 145.

From his days of fighting in his homeland of Poland, to his current rank as the number one contender, Held has lived up to his reputation regarded as the prodigy of Polish MMA. Making his debut in March of 2011, the company had certainly uncovered something special from the then nineteen year old overseas sensation. Even through his own evolution as a fighter and rising success, Held knew he was in a class by himself from the rest of the competition.

“I have always been a fighter that is always looking to finish my fights,” Held told MMA Corner. “For me, it’s not enough to win by decision, that is why I am always looking to finishing the fight by knockout or submission.”

Bouncing back from his loss against Dave Jensen, since 2013, Held went on a six fight winning streak, defeating all of his opponents, knowing one day he would get his shot at the title. This premonition would soon become a reality putting him in his deserved position as the number one contender.

“When I started my career in MMA I always wanted to be the best fighter in the world and fight for the championship. So to now be able to fight for the title I am really happy,” Held said. “I’ve been having a lot of fights in the organization including two tournaments which has brought me to this point.”

In arguably the biggest challenge of his career, Bellator 145 finds Held going against the lightweight champion Will Brooks. Brooks (16-1) has been a fighting champion since his capture of the belt in 2014. Recent interviews have surfaced of the champion’s criticism of his Polish opponent’s “one dimensional” fighting style, as it looks to be an easy victory retaining the title.

Being a sportsman the challenger rebuffs Brook’s accusations. Training hard with his fight team in Poland his blazing winning streak, confidence and strong support staff Held has a lot of momentum to walking away victorious with the gold on November 6 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

“I am excited to fight Brooks. He is very high in the rankings,” said Held. “I know it will be very hard to beat him but I am ready and determined to come out on top.”

Everything seems to be falling into place for Held. If he is successful in becoming the champion, he will be making history as the first male competitor to bring home a major title to his country. Will Held hard work come to fruition? All will be revealed at Bellator 145.

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