This weekend, when the UFC lands in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to bring fans UFC Fight Night 77, a rubber match between two MMA legends will take place in the main event. Dan Henderson (31-13 MMA, 8-7 UFC) will face Vitor Belfort (24-11 MMA, 11-6 UFC) to settle the score.

Henderon was victorious in their first fight in 2006 as a part of the PRIDE promotion by unanimous decision. While Belfort took home the second fight via first-round spinning head kick knockout in the Octagon in 2013.

Due to numerous drug-related issues, Belfort had a seventeen-month layoff between his knockout of Henderson, and his title fight against champion Chris Weidman. First Belfort failed a drug test and was pulled from a 2014 title fight, then his next scheduled opponent, Chael Sonnen failed a drug test.

After suffering a first-round defeat to the great Chris Weidman, Belfort has been given a great chance to return to the win column with a matchup against the aging Dan Henderson.

Here is what Belfort must do to defeat his adversary:

Circle Right

This is critical. At this point in his career, Henderson is a zombie with a right hand. His footwork is laughable, but he will still knock you out if you stand in front of him (i.e. Tim Boetsch). Eliminate Henderson’s right hand and his chances of winning vanish.

Strike Conservatively

This goes along with the first key. Brawling with Henderson is a bad idea. If Belfort tries his bull-rush strategy, it could be a very short night. It may have worked (temporarily) against the champion, but Henderson has one-punch knockout power unlike any other.

Counter Right-Hand

The antidote to the shuffle, shuffle, H-Bomb. Gegard Mousasi used it to perfection in his fight against Henderson, and it was also the initial strike Belfort landed in their second fight to stop Henderson. Henderson ducks his head, and shuffles toward his opponent to setup his huge right hand. A competent striker like Belfort will have a field day with this.

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