The shelf life of the average UFC fighter in the world’s top promotion doesn’t last very long.

It takes hard work, confidence, and hours upon hours to be able to work through the sweat and tears just to get there.  And once you achieve it, it’s even harder to stay there.

You have to be able to take the pressure that comes with standing under the bright lights, fighting someone who did everything you did, having confidence in your craft. One must truly believe deep down that they are capable of accomplishing great thing. Martial artists don’t get too many chances to figure it out, so you better hit the ground running.

Three losses in a row is mostly a ‘death sentence’ for your time there, two losses in a row can also be enough to point you to the exit, and even sometimes, a single loss can be all it takes to be shown the door if your performance wasn’t exciting enough for the fans watching.

UFC Fight Night 78 is going down in Monterrey, Mexico, on November 21. Who will be fighting for their job on fight night?

Diego ‘The Nightmare’ Sanchez

Winning the first and historical Ultimate Fighter Season 1 show over well known, Kenny Florian, back in 2005, Sanchez will essentially be fighting to remain relevant. His knockout win over Florian was overshadowed greatly by the most important fight in UFC history, Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar, but Sanchez has found a home in fight fan’s hearts with his unique persona and crazy fighting style. But, he hasn’t looked good in the Octagon as of late. His most recent win was not justified, by any stretch of imagination, to whomever watched his contest against Ross Pearson. Of course, except for the judges scoring that fight.

He has an incredible fan base, so perhaps UFC won’t want to cut him. Even still, it’s hard to imagine much more out there for Sanchez following yet another ‘L’ to the resume.

Scott ‘Young Guns’ Jorgensen

Jorgensen is a WEC veteran who never quite found his footing since coming to the UFC. We can all remember when Jorgensen, in spectacular fashion, knocked out Ken Stone from the full-mount position in round one in his first UFC appearance. But even that memory dates back to June of 2011. He has only three other wins in the UFC since then. With a UFC record today of 4-7, the 33-year-old ‘Young Guns’ most certainly is fighting to keep his job this Saturday.

Erik ‘Goyito’ Perez

With a great early start to his UFC career, Perez has now found himself losing more than winning. He currently has a 4-2 record in the UFC, which doesn’t sound too bad, but he is 1-2 in his last three fights, and when UFC is trying to cut some fat from its roster, you don’t want them to glance over your record and give them a reason to believe that you have reached your potential. Perhaps that’s the case for Perez.

An entertaining loss may keep him around, but a lackluster affair could be the end of the road for Perez.

Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili

A team ‘Alpha Male’ fighter, training with recognized fighters like Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, Danny Castillo among others, is having a problem together a winning streak. Win one, lose one has been the Achilles’s feel for Fili. Fili’s losses has come against Max Holloway, and most recently against Godofredo Pepey. While both are strong opponents, it’s not something that the UFC concerns themselves with when they have to look over its roster to see whom they think deserves a pink slip in order to make room for new up and coming talent.

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