First reports of ‘Mr. Finland’ Makwan Amirkhani leaving Allstars Training Center, based in Stockholm, Sweden, because of a beef with one of his coaches and traveling back to Finland was made first by, Nov 30. This has since then been confirmed by Amirkhani, on his official facebook account.

-Monday, Nov. 30, 2015-

“So many media have been asking why i left from Allstars and why i left from Sweden. Thing is that somebody broke my trust and when somebody do that to me its hard to me forgive that. I fuckin miss the gym because there is 99% good people. But hey they say “there is bad apples in every basket”. I will miss many people from that gym! Im not the kind person who goes around and talk shit, so i dont want to say anything bad about anyone. To me best choice was that i just leave. They say somebody took my girlfriend, i say that i never had a girlfriend. So its kind of hard to do that, Hehe. I still have coach Alan ‘Finfou’ Nascimento with me and many other fighters that i Will never forget. But people lets be honest with this, small shit compare to what is happening right now all around the world. So lets not make a big deal out of this. Life goes on!

PS. Gyms around the world, is there a place for Mr.Finland?!?

Amirkhani (12-2) made his debut in the UFC Jan 28, 2015 in Sweden, against Andy Ogle where he made a big splash, winning by knockout, flying knee after only eight seconds in the Octagon and was awarded $ 50.000, ‘Performance of the Night’ for his efforts. He is now 2-0 in the UFC.

First words from ‘Mr. Finland’ that something was wrong was made Nov. 29, 2015 on his Facebook;

“While you stab me in the back you can kiss my ass too “brother”!”

It’s still a bit unclear what situation this is in exact reference to however.

News was made from UFC officials that Mr. Finland has a bout scheduled on February’s UFC Fight Night 83 card that is taking place in London, England. Against England’s own, Mike Wilkinson (9-1).

One may speculate how scouting for a new gym three months before the fight will affect Amirkhani’s performance on fight night, and also, when will he find a new ‘home’? He has since all this expressed interest going to Ireland;

“If Ireland Will show me the green light, i Will move there after new year!”

Two other bouts announced for that UFC Fight Night card in February is Michael Bisping vs. Gegard Mousasi to headline the event as well as a lightweight bout between Rustam Khabilov vs. Norman Parke.

UFC Fight Night 83 is scheduled to take place at the O2 arena London, England.

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