On Saturday, January 2, 2016, the UFC touched down in Las Vegas to bring fight fans the first fight card of the year, UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit, live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

In the night’s headliner, UFC welterweight champion put his 170-pound title on the line against former interim champion Carlos Condit.

Lawler (26-10) most recently finished Rory MacDonald early in the fifth round of their Fight of the Year at UFC 189 in July, defending his belt in the process. Condit (30-8), also a former WEC champion, was last seen brutalizing former title contender Thiago Alves at UFC Fight Night 67 en route to a vicious second round TKO.


Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit  – For UFC welterweight championship

As Big John gives final instructions both fighters look intense. As the bell sounds Lawler moves forward forcing Condit to back up against the cage. Condit fires a one, two combination, followed by a head kick but nothing lands. Lawler moves back into position looking for the power shots. Condit fires back and drops Lawler and Condit moves in but Lawler is immediately back to his feet. Lawler appears to be staggered and Condit is now the one moving forward with Lawler back peddling. Lawler throws a head kick but Condit blocks it and throws one of his own the misses. Condit lands some more strikes and Lawler clinches up. Condit pushes him off and throws another one, two head kick combination that forces Lawler backward. Condit continues to press forward finding his range backing Lawler up forcing him to look for a counter. Condit continues to land strikes confusing Lawler. Lawler continues to back pedal but appears hesitant to throw as the bell ends the round.

Lawler looks recovered to start round two and immediately presses the action throwing body kicks and combinations. Condit fires right back though, not afraid to stand in the pocket. Condit appears confident at the moment but Lawler lands a nice right hand. Condit steps back and throws a leg before both fighters reset. Lawler continues to press the action with both fighters landing punches.  Condit continues to throw strikes from all angles including a superman punch. Lawler counters and drops Condit. Lawler moves in and lands some ground and pound before Condit can pull guard. Condit holds position and Big John stands them back up. Condit appears to be recovered and presses the actions. Lawler is light on his feet looking for his own strikes and both fighters land solid shots as the round comes to an end.

Round three starts with Lawler again attempting to push the pace but Condit keeps his distance with kicks. Lawler moves inside and lands a left and a right. Condit clinches up and lands a knee but Lawler fires back landing shots that makes the crowd cheer. Both fighters are going toe to toe before Condit creates space and moves away. Lawler continues to press forward and Condit continues to try and keep the distance by landing kicks. Condit starts to press forward forcing Lawler to backpedal and throw counter punches. Both fighters want to lead the dance and are trading off throwing combinations. Both fighters go for the clinch and jockey for position before separating. Condit throws another kick that lands flush on Lawler’s liver and Lawler answers with a leg kick as the round ends.

Round four starts with more of the same, Lawler pushing forward and Condit answering with kicks. Lawler continues to try and work inside and Condit continues to throw combinations throwing off his timing.  Lawler looks very hesitant and he looks to pick his shots. Condit on the other hand, is throwing punches and kicks left and right. Condit lands a nice inside leg kick and Lawler fires back pushing Condit against the cage and unloading with a combination. Condit fires back before pushing Lawler away creating space. Condit continues to push forward putting the pressure on Lawler. Condit lands a body kick that appeared to hurt Lawler. Condit is starting to open up finding his range landing shots at will. Lawler is telling him come on but he isn’t returning fire. Condit continues to land punches, knees and kicks at will until the round ends.

Lawler comes out with a definite sense of urgency landing solid strikes that puts Condit on the run. Lawler stalks him down though and lands some more strikes that hurt Condit. Condit fires back though and lands a solid elbow that slows Lawler down. Both fighters reset and Lawler again begins his attack. Lawler pushes Condit against the cage and lands some solid strikes. The crowd is chanting Lawler, Lawler, but Condit fires back landing his own strikes that back Lawler up silencing the crowd. Lawler answers backs and Condit is wobbled and on the run. Lawler tracks him down and continues to punish Condit but Condit fights back. Condit grabs the clinch and pushes Lawler against the cage. Both fighters reset and go back to trading punches. Both fighters are hurt both fighters and throwing punches and both fighters are ready to collapse as the fight comes to an end.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Stipe Miocic

Both fighters meet in the center of the cage and touch gloves. Both fighters step back and look to find their range. Arlovski fires off a leg kick and both fighters reset. Both fighters throw some soft strikes looking for their range begore Miocic clips Arlovski with a short right hand that hurt him and immediately follows up with a combination that drops Arlovski. Miocic jumps on top of the turtled up Arlovski and lands a few more shots before referee Herb Dean stops the fight.

Stipe Miocic def. Andrei Arlovski by TKO (Strikes) Round 1, .58

Lorenz Larkin vs. Albert Tumenov

Both fighters come out and touch gloves in the center of the octagon before setting to throw punches. Both fighters paw around looking to find their range. Tumenov lands a nice overhand. Larkin fires back with a leg kick and Tumenov fires a straight right hand. Larkin bounces around the cage and Tumenov looks to cut him off. Larkin throws a leg kick and Tumenov attempts to catch but it still lands. Tumenov continues pressing forward with punches and kicks landing forcing Larkin to stop and cover up before creating space. Tumenov is starting to feel it and Larkin is starting to fight scared. Larkin is hesitant and reactive with his strikes while Tumenov presses forward throwing strike after strike. Larkin is game though continuing to firing off legs kicks that are slowing Tumenov down. Larkin continues to circle the cage and Tumenov continues, to try and cut him off as the round ends.

Round two starts with another touch of gloves before Larkin throws a body kick. Tumenov answers back with strikes of his own and again Larkin is back on his bike.  Larkin continues to throw kicks and Tumenov’s lead leg and Tumenov is starting to try and catch them. Larkin lands another leg kick and Tumenov lands an uppercut of his own. Tumenov is starting to limp on his lead leg and Larkin continues to attack it. Tumenov is unphased and continues to land his own strikes. While Tumenov’s lead leg is hurt he is still punishing Larkin with strikes. Larkin has no answer other than the leg kicks. Larkin lands a nice right hand but Tumenov answers back with a vicious body combination. Tumenov is starting to check Larkin’s leg kicks and landing body shots on the way out. Both fighters are going at it trading shots as the bell sounds.

Tumenov starts the round with a leg kick and Larkin responds with a leg kick of his own. Tumenov’s lead lef is stiff and slowing him down but he is still landing powerful shots. Larkin continues to punish the leg though forcing Tumenov to switch stances. Larkin is just relentless with the leg kicks as to say the only way I can win this fight is to break your leg. Tumenov is trying to engage bu Larkin is killing his leg with both inside and outside leg kicks. Tumenov presses forward landing a kick of his own but Larkin is not deterred immediately kicking the lead leg again. Tumenov is digging deep and continues to stalk Larkin landing power shots to the body. Tumenov dominates the striking exchanges but Larkin is too quick and gets out of the pocket. Larking shoots in for a takedown but Tumenov stuffs it and presses him up against the fence and holds him there as the fight comes to an end.

Albert Tumenov def. Lorenz Larkin by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Diego Brandao vs. Brian Ortega

Brandao is the first to the center of the octagon and quickly fires off a few leg kicks that find their mark. Brandao gets a takedown and Ortega works for an armbar before both fighters get back to their feet. Brandao lands some more strikes before Ortega clinches up and Brandao takes the fight back to the ground. Ortega immediately starts working for submissions as Brandao tries to land some ground and pound. Again both fighters back to their feet. Brandao begins fire shots. Ortega fires back but Brandao is a step ahead of him on the feet. Both fighters continue to trade shots but Brandao is quicker and first to strike in every exchange. Ortega is unshaken though and continues to press forward and continues to look for his own strikes as the bell sounds.

Brandao charges out as the round starts throwing haymakers that Ortega easily side steps. Ortega is light on his feet forcing Brandao to chase him. Brandao continues to stalk Ortega as Ortega bounces around the cage. Brandao appears to be slowing and getting frustrated with Ortega’s style at the moment. Brandao continues to land shots but not at the same rate as round one. Brandao is starting to breathe heavy and Ortega is starting to engage. Brandao continues to lands his combinations but Ortega appears unphased and answers back. As he does he corners screams to him “remember deep waters, deep waters.” Ortega continues to bounce around forcing Brandao to chase and Brandao does but it is still Brandao that is landing the better shots. Branda brings back the leg kicks and scores more points, landing punches right before the round ends.

Brandao again comes out firing haymakers forcing Ortega to shoot for a takedown. Brandao stuffs it but Ortega pulls guard. Both fighters get back to their feet and again Ortega attempts to pull guard but Brandao is having none of it. Both fighters back to their feet but again Ortega gets the fight to the ground and immediately goes for a darce but Brandao defends, Ortega transitions to an anaconda, then to a guillotine and gets mount then rolls into a triangle choke forcing Brandao to tap.

Brian Ortega def. Deigo Brandao by Submission (Triangle choke) Round 3, 1:37

Tony Sims vs. Abel Trujillo

Trujillo immediately comes out and takes the center of the octagon but doesn’t fire. Both fighters bounce around looking for their shots. Trujillo shoots for a double leg but Sims side steps him. Sims lands a few nice right hands as Trujillo tries to stalk him down. Sims is continually switching stances and throwing combinations that are confusing Trujillo. Sims is starting to find his range and Trujillo shoots for another takedown but Sims stuffs him. Sims shoots in for his own takedown but leaves his neck exposed and Trujillo sinks in a Guillotine choke. Sims scrambles but Trujillo won’t let go forcing sims to tap.

Abel Trujillo def. Tony Sims by Submission (Guillotine choke) Round 1, 3:18



(c) Robbie Lawler def. Carlos Condit by Split Decision (49-47, 47-48, 48-47) Round 5, 5:00  – Retains UFC welterweight championship
Stipe Miocic def. Andrei Arlovski by TKO (Strikes) Round 1, .58
Albert Tumenov def. Lorenz Larkin by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Brian Ortega def. Deigo Brandao by Submission (Triangle choke) Round 3, 1:37
Abel Trujillo def. Tony Sims by Submission (Guillotine choke) Round 1, 3:18


Michael McDonald def. Masanori Kanehara by Submission (RNC) Round 2, 2:09
Justine Kish def. Nina Ansaroff by Unanimous  (29, 28-30-27, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00
Drew Dober def. Scott Holtzman by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Round 3, 5:00
Alex Morono def. Kyle Noke by Split Decision (29-28, (30-27, 29-28) Round 3, 5:00


Dustin Poirier def. Joseph Duffy by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00
Michinori Tanaka def. Joe Soto by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Round 3, 5:00
Sheldon Westcott def. Edgar Garcia by TKO (Strikes) R0und 1, 3:12

(c) – champion