Continuing its trailblazing success from their humble start in the Lone Star state, Legacy Fighting Championships looks to start off the 2016 year in grand fashion with Legacy 51 on February 5, emanating live from the Grand Casino in Hinkley, Minn. With anticipation already building for this event, its predictions foresee another night of Grade “A” fight action showcasing some of the rising and seasoned stars of MMA.

The co-main event on this stacked fight card features Legacy FC newcomer Travis Coyle (17-8). Coyle currently is strong in his standing as a pro with over a decade longevity in MMA, unbeknownst to many, “Iron Will” Coyle is recognized as one of the top rising welterweight competitors in the world.

In a state uncharted for its MMA popularity, Coyle has been a leading fight pioneer to the South Dakota MMA community. Major cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York have a vast selection of fight gyms to choose from. In South Dakota, training options are scares which make it hard for an MMA athlete’s rise to the top. Luckily through his travels and dedication, it enabled Coyle to break these barriers to become a success in the fight world.

“Being a fighter coming out of South Dakota makes it hard to make a name for yourself in MMA,” Coyle told The MMA Corner. “Luckily before I came back to South Dakota, I had already kind of made a name for myself and I just kind of built off that name over the years. I have lived and trained in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Denver, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Thailand. I have also trained with a lot of the best guys in the sport over the years.”

Coyle has created some major waves in his career. Some of his most recognizable achievements were his victory over the then undefeated Ramico Blackmon, the current Cage Aggression welterweight champion, and a nine fight winning streak from 2009 through 2010.

Pressing forward through the highs and lows competing, finally making his big break, Coyle signed with the Legacy Fighting Championships in late 2015.The breeding ground that has produced UFC stars like Sage Northcutt and current women’s champion Holly Holm. Coyle is looking forward to the new venture competing at Legacy.

“I am excited to fight for Legacy FC because they are a major promotion and they produce a lot of future UFC stars, hopefully that will be me.”

Making his promotional debut at Legacy 51, Coyle will taking on UFC veteran Brock Larson. With both competitors equally matched and coming off previous losses in their last fights, the ambition to come out on top in this co-main event could be even greater.

Training for the upcoming encounter in his home residence in South Dakota with WEC veteran Client Godfrey, Next Edge Academy fight team, and other local talents, Coyle is prepared to go the distance in hopes of coming out victorious in unquestionably the biggest fight of his career.

“Brock Larson is a tough veteran, but he’s beatable. He’s just another fighter. It’s funny because most people don’t know how good I am, like on various websites it says I’m a 15-8 pro when I’m actually 17-8. I just feel I’m a lot better than people know, but I have had some tough breaks in my career. I’m prepared to change that on February 5.”

“After I win this fight I want to keep grinding, win more big fights, and sooner than later fight in the UFC.”

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