On February 6, 2016, at UFC Fight Night 82 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nev., Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson (11-1) will face his toughest opponent yet in the main event, when he faces off against former welterweight champion Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks (17-3). Thompson is currently riding a five-fight win streak, with knockouts over Jake Ellenberger and Chris Clements, along with a TKO victory over Robert Whitacker. Hendricks, on the other hand, is 2-2 in his last four fights and is looking to show the world that he still belongs at the top of the division.

This event was originally supposed to be UFC 196 featuring a heavyweight title fight between former champion Cain Velasquez and current champion Fabricio Werdum. However Velasquez was forced to pull out of the fight due to injury and when it was announced that he had been replaced by Stipe Miocic, Werdum would also pull out of the fight due to injury, forcing the UFC to move “Wonderboy” and “Big Rigg” to the main event.



Johny Hendricks vs. Stephen Thompson
Both fighters come out and touch gloves and Thompson immediately hits his karate stance and throws a kick to create space. Hendricks in unfazed and moves into close the distance and shoot for a take down. Thompson stuffs the take down and then lands some kicks that gets John’s attention. Thompson lands another combo that backs Hendricks up. Hendricks tries to close the distance again but Thompson continues to land combinations. Hendricks continues to press forward and Thompson continues to make him pay. Thompson is relentless and Hendricks is hurt. Thompson moves in for the finish and Hendricks has no answer forcing the Big John to step in and stop the fight.
Stephen Thompson def. Johny Hendricks by knockout (Strikes), Round 1, 3:31
Roy Nelson vs. Jared Rosholt
Both fighters come out to the center of the cage and establish position. Nelson appears to be stalking Rosholt backing him against the fence. Nelson is keeping his stance very low as he tries to work his way inside. Nelson misses with a big uppercut and Rosholt acknowledges it. Rosholt circles around looking for his opportunity at a take down as Nelson continues to stay low and look to get inside.  Halfaway through the 1st rd neither fighter has landed any significant strikes but Rosholt looks to change that rushing in pushing Nelson against the cage and landing some solid strikes before Nelson is able to circle away. Both fighters reset and Rosholt looks to counter Nelson in the exchanges. Rosholt is confusing Nelson at the moment and is able to land his left hand at will.  Nelson continues to press forward landing his own shots. Both fighters continue to look for their shots and their range as the round comes to an end.
Round two starts with Rosholt soflty shooting for a take down but not committing. Both fighters center up and look to establish their range. Nelson continues to press the action forcing Rosholt to back pedal and counter strikes. Nelson has created some openings but he has failed to capitalize on them.  Rosholt continues to work his game plan and stay on the outside on Nelson’s punches, forcing Nelson to chase him.  Still though neither fighter has landed many strikes or anything significant.  Nelson continues to throw his over hand right but has not been close to landing it. Rosholt  continues to stay on the outside attempting to counter strike.  AS the round comes to a close Nelson continues to press forward looking for the one punch knockout.
Round three starts out slow with both fighters appearing very tentative and unwilling to commit to anything. Both fighters appear to be fighting scared at the moment but again it continues to be Nelson that presses the action. The pace in this fight has slowed significantly as neither fighter is doing anything at this point. Both fighters are circling and pawing but not throwing any punches. Rosholt shoots in for a take down but it is stuffed by Nelson and both fighters go back to posing in the center of the cage. Both fighters continue to shadow for the remainder of the round and receive the boos from the crowd as this fight comes to an end.
Roy Nelson def. Jarred Rosholt by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28), Round 3, 5:00
Rafael Cavalcante vs. Ovince Saint Preux
Both fighters touch gloves and then look to find their range. Both fighters paw at each other to judge the distance.  OSP presses forward  backing Cavalcante against the fence. OSP fires off some kicks and looks to have hurt his foot. Cavalcante immediate attacks the injured leg with leg kicks and the pain is obvious on OSP’s face.  Cavalcante continues to fire leg kicks but OSP isn’t going anywhere. OSP is heavily limping and his paced has slown but he continues to land his strikes. OSP presses Cavalcante against the fence and continues to land his strikes dropping Cavalcante. OSP jumps in Cavalcante’s guard and lands vicious ground and pound until the bell sounds.
Round two starts with OSP back on the attack pressing forward forcing Cavalcante backwards. OSP still appears to be limping but that is not stopping him from throwing kicks. OSP continues to stalk Cavalcante across the octagon looking for his shots. Cavalcante appears to be hesitant and is not throwing many punches but the ones that he does throw he is able to land. OSP is not phased though and continues to dictate the pace of this fight.  OSP is able to catch Cavalcante off balance and drops him with a counter. OSP again jumps into his guard and land ground and pound. OSP continues to land his strikes as Cavalcante does little to defend himself or improve his position. Cavalcante appears to be content with taking the beating that OSP is handing out right now. Cavalcante attempts to grab on to OSP but does little to stop the onslaught as the rd comes to an end.
Cavalcante appears to realize that he is down two rounds and he attempts to throw some strikes and shoot for a take down. However there wasn’t much behind it and OSP weathers the little storm and gets a take down of his own. OSP immediately pushes Cavalcante against the fence and lands some ground and pound. Cavalcante is offering no defense and OSP is looking for a finish. OSP continues to land ground and pound and Cavalcante continues to lay on his back and do absolutely nothing. OSP pace has slowed but he is still landing enough shots to keep the ref from standing them up. As the round come to an end OSP opens up and lands some vicious shots as the round comes to an end.
Ovince Saint Preux def. Rafael Cavalcante by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) Round 3, 5:00
Joseph Benavidez vs. Zach Makovsky
Both fighters immediately circle each other looking for their range. Makovsky looks to establish his jab and Benavidez looks to close the distance and get inside. Makovsky shoots in grabs a leg and throws Benavidez to the ground but Benavidez scrambles and gets right back to his feet. Both fighters reset and Benavidez lands a nice combination that pushes Makovsky back. Both fighters still trying to find their range and establish their will. Makovsky is constantly moving around as Benavidez slowly stalks him looking to find his shots. Benavidez continues to pick his shots and move in and out consistently one step ahead of Makovsky.  Benavidez clinches Makovsky against the cage and lands some solid elbows and needs before Makovsky is able to separate. Makovsky shoots in for a take down and presses Benavidez up against the cage and gets the take down but Benavidez gets right back to his feet as the round ends.
Round two starts with Benavidez taking center cage and stalking Makovsky against the fence. Makovsky lands a solid left and shoots for a take down but Benavidez stuffs it and lands solid strikes as the fighters break. Makovsky again shoots for a take down and again Benavidez makes him pay. Benavidez continues to land his strikes at will constantly confusing Makovsky. Makovsky shoots in for another take down but again Benavidez sacrambles, gets to his feet, breaks away and lands his own shots as he does. Benavidez rests and lands some more shots before the fighters clinch and scramble to the ground again. Neither fighter gains an advantage and they both break. Benavidez again lands his combos keeping Makovsky back pedaling.  Benavidez shoots in for the clinch and pushes Makovsky against the fence and lands some shots before both fighters break. Makovsky shoots in gets a take down and is able to take Benavidez’s back as he gets back to his feet but Makovsky can’t do anything with it and the round comes to an end.
Round three starts out the same way with Benavidez establishing position and Makovsky back pedaling. Benavidez moves in for the clinch and Makovsky reverses position but Benavidez steps away and the fighters reset. Makovsky shoots in for another take down and again he is stuffed by Benavidez. Benavidez lands some shots before pushing away and re-establishing his position. Makovsky is visibly frustrated and Benavidez looks to capitalize. Benavidez continues to faint and change his stance and land shots at will. Makovsky looks lost and has no answer for Benavidez. Makovsky is giving up though continuing to throw punches and look for anything that might be successful. Benavidez is starting to pour it on increasing his strikes and landing almost everything that he throws. Makovsky is proving that he is one tough kid as he continues to fire back. Benavidez is just to relentless and won’t let Makovsky catch his breath and continues to punish him as the round comes to an end.
Joseph Benavidez def. Zach Makovsky by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Round 3, 5;00
Misha Cirkunov vs. Alex Nicholson
Nicholson comes out with a leg kick that is checked by Cirkunov. Both fighters circle each other looking to find their range. Nicholson throwing a lot of unorthodox strikes but not landing much.  Cirkunov continues to stalk Nicholson before moving in for the clinch. Nicholson pulls away and both fighters reset. Cirkunov rushes in with punches gets the clinch and take down but Nicholson quickly works back to his feet and creates space. Both fighters reset and again Cirkunov immediately rushes in gets the clinch and the take down against the cage and lands some ground and pound before Nicholson gets back to his feet. Nicholson lands a low kick that causes a break in the action. After a short break the fighters are back at it and again Cirkunov lands a straight left and gets the clinch. Nicholson is able to create space and push away. Both fighters reset before clinching in the center of the octagon. Cirkunov lands a take down and quickly transitions to side control and then takes Nicholson’s back and lands some ground and pound as the round ends.
Round two starts out just like round one ended. Cirkunov gets a take down and quickly transitions to the back and begins raining down vicious shots forcing Nicholson to tap due to strikes and a rear naked choke.
Misha Cirkunov def. Alex Nicholson by submission (rear naked choke) Round 2, 1:28
Mike Pyle vs. Sean Spencer
Both fighters touch glove in the center of the octagon before resetting and looking to find their range. Spencer immediately looks to put the pressure on Pyle but Pyle keeps his composure and lands strikes of his own.  Both fighters bounce around looking for their range before Pyle attempts to close the distance and clinch up. Spencer pushes Pyle off and looks to fight from the outside.  Spencer continues to  try and establish his jab but Pyle seems to answer every time.  Pyle looks to use his range but Spencer sneaks inside and drops Pyle. Spencer immediately jumps into Pyle’s guard but Pyle works for a triangle forcing Spencer to jump back to his feet.  Pyle appears to have recovered and attempts to re-establish his range. Spencer continues to work his jab trying to open Pyle up for the over hand left. As the 10 second clap sounds both fighters look to explode and steal the round.
Round two starts with Spencer looking to take the center of the cage and establish his jab. Spencer is starting every combination off of his jab and Pyle backs away looking to counter. Pyle lands a shot that hurts Spencer. Spencer is whobbled against the cage and Pyle looks to finish but Spencer starts to fire back and create distance. Spencer appears to have recovered but Pyle looks to capitalize. Spencer continues to work his jab and follow it with combinations. Pyle has found his range though and looks to be getting stronger and faster as this fight goes on. Spencer isn’t going anywhere though continuing to throw combinations. Pyle closes the distance and gets a takedown as the round comes to an end.
Round three is more of the same with Spencer storming out and taking the center of the octagon. Each fighter trades shots trying to establish position. Spencer is opening up finding his range and lands a beautiful combination that Pyle doesn’t like. Again Pyle moves in for the clinch and drops for a guillotine. Both fighters scramble but Pyle is relentless and won’t let go of his guillotine. Spencer works himself free but Pyle has him smothered against the cage and scores with strikes. Spencer works back to his feet but Pyle makes him pay. Spencer fires back but his paced has slowed. Pyle continues to dance around and land shots from the outside. Pyle lands a knee that hurts Spencer. Spencer is survival mode as Pyle punishes him with strikes forcing referee Yves Leving to stop the fight.
Mike Pyle def. Sean Spencer by TKO (Strikes) Round 3, 4:25
Josh Burkman def K.J. Noons by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00
Derrick Lewis def. Damian Grabowski by TKO (strikes) Round 1, 2:17
Ray Borg vs. Justin Scoggins def Ray Borg by unanimous decision (30-27,30-27, 30-26) Round 3, 5:00
Diego Rivas def. Noad Lahat by knockout (Flying knee) Round 2, 0:23
Mickey Gall def Mike Jackson by submission (rear naked choke) Round 1, 0:45
Alex White def. Artem Lobov by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00