The MMA industry hasn’t only enjoyed a boom in recognition as a sport across the globe, its burgeoning popularity has also ensured that it has become a firm favorite with a host of bookmakers who are now looking to offer odds across a wide range of Mixed Martial Arts events.

However, it is fair to say that the level of betting, number of betting markets and the odds available at sports books are somewhat variable in their number and quality. Therefore, to help fans of MMA betting, we have taken a look through several top betting sites available online to come up with some of the sites that we feel offer the best deal when it comes to MMA betting.

Finding MMA Bets

The first thing to note about MMA bets is that many betting sites put them in with their Boxing or other combat sports bets. Some sites may not have a single MMA section, so you may need to look through the list of sports available to see where the MMA bets are located.

Note: for our rankings we started out by taking the ratings from as a baseline and then expanded upon them based on MMA specifically.

Top Three MMA Betting Sites to try and why

  1. BetVictor

BetVictor lists MMA/UFC under its own section and generally offers a much wider choice of fights than its competitors, offering odds on fights that are not just a month or so away, but often 5 or 6 months away. This means in terms of offering great ante post value on fights, BetVictor is a great choice.

On many of the less popular fights still some time off, there’s generally only the Win market available, but on some more popular fights there are considerably more markets available. You can even bet on the finale of the Ultimate Fighter competition.

The closer a fight is, the more likely extra markets will be available, and most fights have at least five markets to bet on, but for top fights this can increase anywhere up to 25 or more different betting markets.

What is great with BetVictor is the variety of markets, especially on the top bouts. Additionally, you can bet on markets with BetVictor not readily available on other sites, such as if the match ends in a submission, what form of attack will achieve the submission, the odds on each fighter winning inside of 2 minutes 30 seconds and many, many more.

In terms of of odds, too, BetVictor scores strongly and I’d have no hesitation recommending it as a perfect place to start for MMA enthusiasts.

  1. Bet365 Sport

MMA matchups are listed under the Boxing/UFC banner on Bet365 Sport but don’t let that put you off. The site offers a wide choice of match ups several weeks in advance of the major bouts. On a typical match you can bet on two main markets in the run up to the fight: who will win and whether the total number of rounds will be over or under 2.5 rounds.

That said, as fights get closer, the number of markets available on them can increase and other popular markets available at Bet365 include whether the fight will go the distance, the method of victory and betting on which fighter will win and what round they will win in (including on points).

We’ve ranked Bet365 at the top of the list as a quick comparison of odds across the range of bookmakers reveals the site generally offers excellent value for bettors, and this combined with a wide range of markets makes it a great starting place for MMA punters.Additionally, you can stay up to date with all your favorite teams and games with apps like bet365 on

  1. SkyBet

SkyBet offers an excellent service and unlike some other sites, has its own dedicated UFC/MMA section on the site.  It offers a wide range of betting markets on fights about a month or so in advance, and you can even bet on fights that have not yet been made (these are those listed to be fought on December 31, 2016).

While the number of matches available to bet on at SkyBet is excellent, there is usually just one betting market available on most matches, and that is to bet on the winner of the bout. However, for matches involving the top MMA superstars (such as the forthcoming Rafael Dos Anjos v Conor McGregor match-up in March), then more bets are available, such as Round betting, the method of victory and what the outcome of the fight will be.

In terms of odds, SkyBet generally performs well and there is always the chance that a top MMA match up could be subject to a SkyBet Price Boost meaning you will get better than the industry best price for that particular bet.

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