Everyone wants to fight Conor McGregor, until that is; it’s actually time to fight McGregor. Either fate, nerves, or the ol luck of the Irish kicks in and opponents seem to have devastating injuries causing them to pull out of a fight with the “Notorious” one.

UFC 196 is no different with Rafael dos Anjos seemingly cursed 11 days before his chance to shock the world. dos Anjos pulled out against his will, due to a foot fractured by a checked leg kick thrown in sparring. Why he was sparring and kicking without shin pads 11 days before an epic battle is not nearly as absurd and nonsensical as the reason or lack thereof that the UFC is turning down the last minute offer by Khabib Nurmagomedov to face the brash smack talking Irishman.

Frankie Edgar is injured physically and can’t compete, Jose Aldo is “not ready”, according to his coach, and dos Anjos, who’s toughness and wrestling was the biggest threat to Conor, was out wrestled, and out toughed and flat out beaten handily just 22 months ago by the blonde wig wearing Dagestanian, in his last fight.

The fact that Khabib hasn’t fought in 22 months seems like a lame excuse, and his manager Ali Abdel Aziz is spitting mad. Oh, by the way, it’s not a blonde afro wig after all, it’s a traditional Dagwestanian shepherds hat. Fitting, as nerves and injuries plague McGregor’s opponents, Nurmagomedov is trying real hard to be the shepherd of this division.

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Daniel Isaac

Dan "Plasma" Rauch manages "Team Plasma" (teamplasma.us); a team of professional fighters which includes UFC, Bellator fighters, pro boxers and a Muay Thai World Champion. Plasma lived overseas and trained Muay Thai in Thailand while living at a camp there for several years. He's written about Muay Thai and MMA and produced workouts for for Men's Fitness Magazine and was a correspondent to Full Contact Fighter and other MMA news sites for several years.

  • Dan Davis

    fuck ali or what ever your name really is. Fighters need to see the conflict of interest and drop him RDA, EDGAR, & NURMY all want to fight the same guy….