On Friday, February 26, Bellator MMA touched down in Mulvane, Kansas to bring fight fans Bellator 150: Kongo vs. Queiroz live from the Kansas Star Arena.

In the night’s main event, fans witnssed heavyweight battle between former UFC Veteran Cheick Kongo and Vinicius Queiroz.

Kongo (23-10-2) was making his eighth appearance under the Bellator MMA banner and looked to add to his impressive promotional mark of 5-2. The former UFC veteran native had fought a who’s who in the mixed martial arts landscape, with notable wins against Mirko Cro Cop, Pat Barry, Matt Mitrione and Alexander Volkov already on his record.

Queiroz (8-3) returned to the Bellator MMA cage against Ewerton Teixeira, defeating his fellow Brazilian opponent with second round arm-triangle choke. This marked “The Spartan’s” eight career stoppage victory.


Lena Ovchynnikova vs. Rebecca Ruth

Round 1 — Lots of action to start with Ruth and Ovchynnikova trading blows before the action moved to the fence. A takedown/toss ended with Ovchynnikova on top but Ruth managed to reverse position and move into side control. Ovchynnikova responded by being active on the bottom and looking for an inverted triangle. Ruth remained heavy on top, staying in side control and working to take the back when Ovchynnikova gave her the opportunity. Ruth managed to work some knees to the body as well. With a minute to go, Ovchynnikova regained her feet but was pressed up against the cage by Ruth. The two separated then had a striking exchange as the round wore down. To the second it went.

Round 2 — A misstep by Ruth saw Ovchynnikova taking advantage and raining down blows on her fallen opponent, but Ruth quickly escaped. She then scored a takedown with a good toss of Ovchynnikova and worked to take her opponent’s back. Ovchynnikova escaped to her feet however, and Ruth stalked her opponent down. Ovchynnikova threw a big left from the southpaw stance. More striking exchanges followed, and Ruth dropped Ovchynnikova with a big right. She survived to have Ruth press her up against the fence. This allowed Ovchynnikova to recover. She reversed position, but had to work to prevent Ruth from taking her down. Ovchynnikova’s mouth was bloodied at that point. Both fighters began to land, and were showing signs of damage as the round wore down. Ovchynnikova’s spinning backfist attempt failed as she slipped. Ruth looked for the arm-bar, but couldn’t secure it, and the round came to an end.

Round 3 — Ovchynnikova needs a finish to win the fight. However, Ruth remains relentless, and round three winds up looking a lot like rounds one and two, only with a more tired Ovchynnikova. Ruth manages to take control solidly halfway through the round, and takes Ovchynnikova’s back. Ovchynnikova seems to have no answer until she manages to power back to her feet, only to be slammed back down to the mat. Ruth seems satisfied to maintain control and doesn’t seem to be looking for the finish. The grinding, stifling wrestling continues from Ruth, and the ref advises her to work. Ruth moves to half guard. Ovchynnikova fights her off for a time, then they’re in full guard. They’re back up with thirty seconds to go. Ovchynnikova is looking for the knockout but it’s nowhere to be found.

Rebecca Ruth def. Lena Ovchynnikova by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Gaston Reyno vs. Chuka Willis

Round 1 — Willis opened the fight with a leg kick, Reyno fanned on his own then caught another Willis kick. They wound up against the fence where Willis looked to take his opponent down. Reyno defended well, but Willis would eventually finish. Reyno quickly sprung back up. Willis continued to put pressure on Reyno against the cage; Reyno finally managed to land a kick that took Willis’ legs out from under him, but Willis would not remain down for long. Back on the feet, Reyno would land a solid leg kick, then another. Flashing but missing a side kick, Reyno was actually smiling at his opponent, who then ran headlong into a guillotine. After a few tense moments, Willis would pop free of the choke, and step over to half guard. Reyno gave up his back, and Willis soon had both hooks in. With twenty seconds in the round, however, Willis would not have enough time to pursue a finish.

Round 2 — The stand-up game continued to start the round. Willis then dropped Reyno about forty seconds in, and after briefly covering up Reyno made it back to his feet. Reyno looked to recover by keeping things tied up along the cage as Willis applied the pressure. The ref broke the action as Willis suffered a low blow, ironically just moments after an apparent low blow against Reyno was missed. As the action restarted, both fighters exchanged knees. Reyno sought a standing guillotine, but from an awkward angle. Willis continued to lean on his opponent, then spun to try a takedown with his hands connected only to be denied. Reyno looked for a trip, and both fighters struggled to improve their position. With under twenty seconds left they finally broke and Reyno tried a spinning back fist, but couldn’t land it. We went to a third.

Round 3 — Round three opened with Willis pressing Reyno against the cage, then scoring the takedown. He quickly transitioned to Reyno’s back, but Reyno worked back to his feet. Willis pressed against the fence and had underhooks in, but couldn’t seem to do much from there. He eventually dragged Reyno down, however, and again moved to his back, only to have his opponent power back up. The strength difference became more and more apparent as Willis managed to out-muscle Reyno. Most of the third was spent against the fence. Just under a minute in, the ref restarted the action. Willis then landed a left hook that Reyno walked into, Reyno then pressed Willis up against the fence. Willis reversed, and with twenty seconds left they went into the spin cycle briefly, trading punches, then Reyno latched on a guillotine just a little too late as the bell sounded.

Chuka Willis def. Gaston Reyno by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Francisco France vs. Kendall Grove

Round 1 — Grove pressured to start, and looked to be active early. France showed no sign of backing down however. Grove landed a leg kick. Swing and a miss by France. High kick by Grove just barely makes contact. A low blow halts the action midway through the round. As the action was restarted they went right back at it, exchanging kicks. France was swinging hard; Grove reversed him against the fence. France reversed him next, after the pair cancelled each other’s efforts out, the ref implored them to work. The round came to an end at that point.

Round 2 — France landed a big leg kick on Grove early on. That had to hurt. Grove then stalked him down, and unleashed a flurry of punches up against the cage, dropping France! That’s all she wrote!

Kendall Grove def. Francisco France by TKO, Round 2, 0:35

Bobby Cooper vs. David Rickels

Round 1 — Rickels is clearly the fan favorite here. He started off active, throwing kicks and a spinning backfist, eating a counter for his aggression, but he continued to press forward.  Another leg kick landed by Rickels, but he ate another counter. A hard striking exchange followed, and Cooper pressed Rickels up against the cage following that, stalling the action, Rickels reversed, then found some space, and the two went at it again in the center of the cage. Another clinch along the fence followed. Rickels slipped, and later looked for a takedown but did not commit. Knees along the fence followed. Good knee to the body by Rickels followed, and he dropped Cooper following that. Rickels pounced and looked to end the fight, and with Cooper opened up badly, Big John waved things off.

David Rickels def. Bobby Cooper by TKO, Round 1, 3:49

Cheick Kongo vs. Vinicius Queiroz

Round 1 — Big John would oversee the main event of the night (following the loss of the Galvao/Dantas bout). They touched gloves and were off. Vinicius Spartan pressed forward early, while Kongo circled. Kongo threw the first combo but came up short, hitting air. Queiroz continued to control the cage. They clinch, then break, with Kongo throwing short jabs to create space. Kongo threw a leg kick bext, while Spartan answered with a big overhand swing and a miss. Inside leg kick by Kongo controlled the range.  An outside leg kick followed. Kongo ducked a punch and worked for a takedown against the cage. Kongo threw some knees against the cage before Queiroz reversed and briefly had Kongo down. With thirty seconds to go, however, both fighters were back up, with Vinicius Spartan showing some damage on the leg. A spinning back fist by Queiroz grazed (or just surprised) Kongo just prior to the round ending.

Round 2 — Kongo was  taking some deep breaths to start the second. Inside leg kick was landed by Kongo. A solid leg kick followed by a right hand connected for Kongo next. While Vinicius Spartan has been aggressive and controlling the cage, Kongo has been the better fighter thus far. Kongo circled out of harm’s way. He continued both inside and outside leg kicks, and added a push kick with just over three minutes to go. With two and a half minutes to go the fight went to the ground, with Spartan on top. However, he was unable to do much more other than maintain top control, and Big John stood them up as the round came to an end. The top control, however, may have shifted things in Spartan’s favor in round two.

Round 3 — Kongo unleashed several kicks early, and those had been a big difference maker early on. However, Vinicius Spartan immediately shot for a takedown, and found himself in half guard. Kongo worked to the fence while Spartan tried to pass into full mount. Kongo powered back up with three minutes remaining, and went back to the leg kicks. Kongo started to unload punches, Queiroz tied him up. They clinched along the cage; Big John broke them up with two minutes to go. Kongo ate a big counter by Spartan! He’s dropped, and Queiroz grabs top control.  Kongo hung on from the bottom, with Spartan seemingly unable to make anything happen. It goes the distance, but how will the judges see it?

Cheick Kongo def. Vinicius Queiroz by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)



Cheick Kongo def. Vinicius Queiroz by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
David Rickels def. Bobby Cooper by TKO, Round 1, 3:49
Kendall Grove def. Francisco France by TKO, Round 2, 0:35
Chuka Willis def. Gaston Reyno by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Rebecca Ruth def. Lena Ovchynnikova by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)


Gregory Babene def. Brandon Farran by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:37
Kyle Noblitt def. David Hammons by TKO, Round 1, 0:45
Chris Harris def. Julian Marquez by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Henry Lindsay def. Marcio Navarro by TKO, Round 1, 2:30
Thai Clark def. Deron Carlis by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Andre Fialho def. Manuel Meraz by TKO, Round 1, 0:29
Jonathan Gary vs. Jason Witt

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