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The day has arrived for BAMMA to hit the Irish capital once again. The full fight card is as follows. Results and recaps will be brought to you as they happen here at The MMA Corner.

Its almost time folks! We are looking at a 4.45pm kick off with Cian Cowley v Jay moogan kicking things off!

Its going to be one hell of a night!

Cheick Kone (c) Vs. John Phillips

Kone takes about 5 minutes to make a 20 feet entrance. Philips pacing waiting for the champion.


Explosive start yet again. Both landing huge shots!!!! Philips puts Kone down twice in row and invites him back up twice! Philips can smell victory with Kone rocked. Both are throwing for different reasons now. Kone is panicked and Philips is trying to close out! And that’s it, he lands a sweet left hook to the head of Kone and puts him out. Fantastic new champion.

John Philips wins VIA KO after 1.05 of the first round.


Paul Byrne Vs. Andy DeVent


Its go time! Both fighters try to land spinning heel kicks consecutively. Fighters come together and Devent takes the back of Byrne. Byrne supports the weight of both fighters with his hands on the mat leaving ample space for Devent to unleash numerous blows to the head of Byrne. And it’s over….. Byrne collapses and is out cold after the blows.

Byrne receives attention for a number of minutes in the cage as Devent celebrates.

Andy Devent wins via KO after 59 seconds  of Round 1


Tom DuQuesnoy Vs. Damien Rooney


Incredible support for Rooney. Chants of ole ole ole ring out.  Rooney starts bright only for DuQuesnoy to barrage him with a number of blows.  Kicks, combos rain in! Rooney retreats to the cage and DuQuesnoy follows. Both fighters are swinging OHHHHHHHH Its all over!!! A peach landed on the jaw of Rooney and he was asleep before he hit the canvas. DuQuesnoy celebrates by doing the splits centre cage. Remember that name Tom DuQuesnoy, Its only the beginning!

Tom DuQuesnoy wins via KO after 1.22 of the first round.

Chris Fields Vs. Dan Konecke


Fields circling Konecke and throws feeling out shots. Konecke drives Fields to the fence locking it up and just holding. The ref breaks to reset. Fields throwing thunderous blows to the head of Konecke with some getting through the guard. Fields brings it to the grounds and Konecke finds himself in a dangerous position leading to him scrambling and standing up. Chris throws a variety of shots including a beautiful head kick which sends Konecke crashing covering up. Fields again follows him to the ground. Chris is putting serious pressure on now and seeking the win. Chris mounts Konecke’s back and sinks in a choke! And that’s it. It’s all over.

Fields Wins by sub( Darce Choke) after 4.39 Round 1

Alan Philpott Vs. Nathaniel Wood


Very cagey start literally. Wood spending most of the opening minute with his back to the cage. Neither fighter letting up so ref breaks it up. Philpott shoots but a direction change from Wood and he lands defensive right cross. Both fighters seem to be unwilling to make the first move. Wood committed late and Philpott catches him with the  cleanest shot so far.


Much more tempo starting off this round. Both fighters are now going after big shots. Wood seems to be staying in the pocket with Philpott stalking. A brief stoppage for an accidental finger to the eye of Philpott leads to a launching attack. Pace dropping off again now. Oh, huge dump by Philpott. Wood scrambles to get up but Philpott pounces and asserts control. Philpott can feel a submission coming I think. Wood is starting to panic. Almost! Bell breaks up the assault on Wood. Wood needs a KO.


Both fighters slugging! Wood landed two big shots chasing his KO but Philpott puts him back on his back. Philpott seems happy to play out the fight on the ground now. Ref breaks for a doctor to look at Woods nose. It seems broken. And that’s it. It’s all over. Alan Philpott is the new Lonsdale Bantamweight Champion. Good win for the Northern Irishman.


Myles Price Vs. Mario Saeed

Myles Price wins via TKO after 1.04 of Round 2

Nathan Jones Vs. Peter Queally

Peter Queally wins by Unanimous decision 28-29 27-30 28-29

Dylan Tuke Vs. Mark Andrew

Dylan Tuke wins via TKO after 51 seconds of Round 1

Tuke destroys Andrew. An onslaught of punishment leading to a huge knee and the nuke finished it with hammer fists. Awesome!

Brian Moore Vs. Mick Brennan

Brian Moore wins via TKO after 2.37 of Round 1

RSC after 5/6 unanswered elbows from “The Pike man”

Decky Dalton Vs. Mike Cutting

Decky Dalton wins by Unanimous decision 30-27 30-27 30-27 in a dominating performance.

James Gallagher Vs. Gerard Gilmore

James Gallagher wins via RNC 2.55 Round 1

Sinead Kavanagh Vs. Zarah Fairn Dos Santos

Sinead Kavanagh wins via split decision 29-28 28-29 29-28

Sean Tobin Vs. Gary Morris

Sean Tobin wins via RNC after 2.53 of Round 2

Lloyd Manning Vs. Nicholas Ott

Its going to be an early night at this rate guys!

Lloyd Manning wins via TKO after 59 seconds of Round 1.

Rhys McKee  Vs. Alex Masuku

Rhys McKee with a huge head kick KO after 2.51 of round 2

Cian Cowley Vs. Jay Moogan

Moogan wins via Unanimous decision 28-29 28-29 28-29

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