Social media nearly broke due to the amount of people talking about the shocking results of UFC 196.

The underdogs won the two main headline events, and it sets up mouth-watering prospects. The ripples that were made during UFC 196 were insane. There were and continue to be more speculation regarding the two big winners from that night. UFC commentator Joe Rogan stated that this was potentially the best UFC event ever.

Miesha Tate and Nate Diaz both won through rear-naked chokes and sent the online world into a frenzy. No other fighter in the UFC has ever received the hype that free bets favorite Conor McGregor has. Diaz managed to survive everything the Irishman threw at him in the first round and capitalized when he gassed himself out. Tate used the perfect game plan to defeat free bets favorite Holm and everything went according to plan. The dust is still settling after the event, and it will be at least a few weeks before we find out the card for UFC 200. It has not stopped fans though gossiping about the possible match ups.

Holm was unlucky as she was winning on points and had only a couple of minutes to survive to keep the title. She won all the rounds where it stayed on the feet, but was completely dominated on the ground. When Ronda Rousey watches the fight, she will be infuriated. If she had followed the same game plan as Tate and had taken her time, chances are she would have finished it at some point on the ground.

After the result against Tate, it looks like Holm will have to take a backward step. The gossip is that Rousey will get her chance to take back the belt against Tate at UFC 200. Rousey has already defeated Tate twice before and will fancy her chances of making it three in a row. The best free bet offers are on Rousey to win, If she does wins, it will set up the mouth-watering prospect of a Rousey vs. Holm rematch.

Fight fans around the world would love to see that, and Rousey’s chances of success have increased due to Tate showing her the game plan to use to defeat her.


Tate will Learn From Holly’s Mistakes


Holm has stated that it was complacency that led to her being taken down and subsequently finished on the floor. This is an obvious factor that can lead to failures in competition especially when it only takes a few seconds to lose. Watching fight videos of one’s past performances can be a great way to learn from mistakes however in this particular case the lessons being learned are also about how to manage a career.


After Holm took the belt from Rousey in December she was absolutely dominant in the various media. Every MMA forum and website had every detail about everything she said and did in the weeks and months following her victory. A similar treatment that Rousey enjoyed and flourished in was now being applied to Holly Holm. The only difference is the time Rousey had in between fights to promote herself as a fighter and media sensation.


In rejecting a rematch with Rousey in favour of defending her belt soon after attaining it was a big risk to her career as if she waited she would have had a long time to promote herself and be in the spotlight. It would have been nearly a year before she would have defended her title to a competitor she easily dispatched the first time they fought. The kicker is the guaranteed payday that also would have came from a Ronda Rousey rematch.


Now her time to shine has been put on the back burner as Miesha Tate is in the spotlight and will in all probability will wait another 8 months for Rousey to come back and challenge for the title. This time will be spent doing promotions for the UFC and various other activities which by the time comes to defend her belt she will be a much bigger star and will cash out on a much bigger payday as surely Rousey vs Tate 3 will be epic.


Nate Diaz from Cabo to centre stage


Diaz has been around the UFC for a long time, and the victory against McGregor will have elevated him to new levels in the sport. The win will create the opportunities of big money fights which he has been craving for a long time. In his last couple of fights, he has looked outstanding. He has shown once again that he has the best chin along with stamina in the UFC.


The win has put him at the front of the que for a title shot against Rafael dos Anjos in the 155lb category. These two have history and it is bound to get the interest of UFC fans around the world. If he does get his shot and wins, he could be facing McGregor again to defend his title.


Not bad for a guy who was reportedly partying on a yacht with his friends less than two weeks before the biggest fight of his life. This opportunity in fighting Conor was a dream come true for Nate Diaz as he has complained about the treatment by the UFC in the past. His recent win will surely give him more power when discussing future contracts and fights.


Conor mcgregor’s Hiccup


With unprecedented fan appeal and hype from the media Conor was on cloud nine when it came to his career. His hype was well earned and is clearly a top fighter. Even though he happily accepted this new opponent he may have gotten ahead of himself. It was an enormous risk that McGregor took moving from 145lb to 170lb for the fight. The only other fighter in the history of the UFC to try this feat was BJ Penn. If he had won, the financial rewards would have been huge, not only for Conor as the hype surrounding him made that fight one of the best free bet offers in MMA history. He now has many questions to answer and will be keen to get back on top as quickly as he can. The best way he can do that is by defending his 145lb belt against Aldo or Edgar at UFC 200. The Irishman did suffer a TKO though so it may be too risky for him to take the fight due to needing to recover correctly.