I had the opportunity to speak with “The Bully” Amber Brown today as she prepares to challenge Ayaka Hamasaki for the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship on Friday night at Invicta FC 16 which will take place at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV. She was gracious enough to take time out to speak with me a couple hours after landing in Las Vegas and starting her weight cut and signing all of the posters for the event.  Here is how our short conversation went.

  1. Q) How is the weight cut going?
  2. A) The weight cut was a rough one, I came in a little heavier on fight week than I would like to, but we got it done.
  3. Q) What is it like knowing you will be fighting for the Invicta FC Atomweight Championship in less than 36 hours?
  4. A) I can’t believe the day is finally here! I am so happy, and excited to show the world what I am made of.
  5. Q) What is fight day like for you? Any traditions?
  6. A) I just like to go for a good breakfast and mainly just chill out and get in my zone, no rituals or traditions that I have to do.
  7. Q) With training full time, haveing another job, and a family when have you found time to prepare?
  8. A) It can be very overwhelming at times for me, training full time, as well as working and taking care of my family. But I am lucky, they are always with me when I am training and at the gym. They are super supportive and help me a lot.
  9. Q) Have tou done anything different for this camp or has it been business as usual?
  10. A) We have just been working very hard on everything, of course upped the rounds since it is 2 more, but definitely business as usual.
  11. Q) You seem so nice, where did the nickname “The Bully” come from?
  12. A) My amateur boxing days, I had to fight younger people, and it has just always been my style, real aggressive and always in your face.
  13. Q) Last thing. What is the first thing you want to do as World Champion?
  14. A) Once I win, I will just be really excited to go celebrate and see my team, because this is for them as well.

It was a pleasure talking with “The Bully” she is a very nice young lady as shown by taking the time to do this interview in the middle of a weight cut. You can watch Amber take on Auaka Hamasaki for the Atomweight Championship Tonight live at 8:30pm Eastern time on UFC Fight Pass.

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