On Friday March 11, Invicta FC, the world’s leading all-women’s fight promotion, touched down in Las Vegas to bring fight fans Invicta FC 16: Hamasaki vs. Brown live from the Tropicana Lounge.

In the night’s main event, Invicta atom weight champ Ayaka Hamasaki (12-1) looked to defend her belt against Amber Brown (6-1). Fans also witnessed fight for the vacant flyweight title between Jennifer Maia (12-4-1) take on Vanessa Porto (18-6).

-Main Card-

The main card kicks off in the Bantamweight division when Irene Aldana takes on Jessamyn Duke. Duke comes out and stalks her opponent but Aldana doesn’t shy away from trading shots with Duke. Aldana continues to throw punches and Duke is already showing signs of damage as Aldana continues to throw. Duke continues to move forward but Aldana continues to throw shot and land as Duke tries to throw body kicks. Aldana has Duke against the cage and continues to throw hard shots as Duke falls to the canvas and the referee steps in to stop the beating.

Irene Aldana (6-2) def. Jessamyn Duke (3-4) via TKO Round 1

The Strawweights are next in the cage as Stephanie Eggink takes on Angela Hill. Eggink comes out and throws some kicks one of which was caught by Hill who wasn’t able to do anything with it. Eggink continues to move and pepper Hill with kicks and jabs. Hill jumps in to clinch Eggink and is able to push her against the cage until Eggink breaks free and lands a jab to Hill on the way out. Eggink continues to use her kick and speed to keep the distance as she dances around and is doing a good job of making Hill miss. Hill is able to get to the clinch with Eggink again but isn’t able to do anything with it. Hill lands a nice right hand but eat a body kick from Eggink.  The round ends with Hill continuing to chase Eggink who lands yet another kick. Eggink comes out and lands a nice right hook followed buy a leg kick and again she is gone before Hill can answer.  Eggink is hold her left chest area and seems to be in a good amount of pain from a Hill jab as she continues to tey and stay away from Hill to recover. Eggink seems to be recovered now and is throwing her jab out to keep distance but Hill counters and stuns Eggink then goes in for the kill. The referee steps in to stop the fight as Eggink has blood pouring out of her nose as she is helped up from the mat.

Angela Hill (4-3) def Stephanie Eggink  (4-3) via TKO Round 3

The Intrem Invicta FC Flyweight Championship is on the line next as Vanessa Porto goes to battle with Jennifer Maia. Porto comes out quick landing a good body kick followed by a jab and Maia answers back with a nice leg kick. Porto land a hugh right hand putting Maia on the mat but isn’t able to finsh and Maia is able to work her way back up.  Porto swings with a big right and misses but is able to push Maia against the fence but Maia gets away before any damage is done. Porto lands a kick to the body but dosnt follow up with anything as the two combatants move around the cage. Both fighters land good shot on each other with a minute left on the clock. Porto continues to keep pressure on her opponent as time continues to run down. The second round starts with Porto throwing jabs to establish her distance while Maia tries to counter with a kick followed by a couple of right hands. Porto lands a kick to the body and dinks under Maia’s counter. Porto tries to throw Maia down but Maia get her leg down to block the slam but she still ends up under Porto but is able to scramble and get to her feet before Porto grabs her ankle and takes her back down. Porto continues to stay in the full guard of Maia and struggle to to do any damage until Maia tries to scramble again and Porto jumps back in and Maia hits her with an illegal knee since Porto hand her hand on the mat already. Porto lands another big right hand which was countered and then Maia took Porto to the ground but Porto ended up in full mount but was unable to anything and Maia reversed right before the bell sounded. Porto swings with a lunging right hand that missed but she was tagged by a right from Maia. Maia and Porto get into a wild exchange that looks like both fighters got hurt. Maua tries to take down Porto but it doesn’t work and they end up in the clinch. Now they break and are back in the middle of the cage and Maia seems to be growing confidence. Maia lands a hard shot but its answered by Porto and they end up on the ground with Maia trying to get Porto in the crucifix position but Porto gets out. Maia tries for a guillotine but Porto is in no real danger.  Maia continues to tey for the choke as the round is coming ro an end but the bell sounds. Porto has blood gushing from her face as she walks to her corner. The first of two championship rounds start with Maia pushing Porto against the cage and landing some knees to her opponent.  The fighters break and the action slows as Porto throws some jabs that come up empty. They continue to exchange in the middle of the cage with both fighters landing some nice clean shots. Porto runs with Maia chasing and Porto takes down Maia but Maia is abke to secure an armbar with 2 minutes  left in the round. Maia is tring ro go belly down with the armbar butbPorto has a leg around Maia’s head to block the roll. The referee calls a time out to check a cut on Portos head and restarts them on their feet. Maia goes straight at Porto and lands some good hard shots but Porto is abke to atsy in the fight and scores a takediwn with only 2 seconds left in the round. The 5th round starts with Maia again throw big shot at Porto and then pushing her against the fence. Maia lands some good body shot while in the clinch whikr Porto seems to be looking for a takedown. Porto doing everything she can to block the knees of Maia as they are still in the clinch. Portoa brwaks the clinch and Porto has the fight stopped for a moment while they cut some lose tape from her hands. Porto take Maia down but almost winds up in the crucifix position again but is able to scramble back to her feet. Porto rushes Maia and Maia has a arm in guillotine and Porto in full guard. She lets go of the choke for a second and then goes right back foe it. Porto is in no real danger the choke isn’t tight. Maia breaks the choke and dodges Porto’s punches until the round ends. New Interim Invicta FC Flyweight Champion is Jennifer Maia.

Jennifer Maia  (13-4-1) def. Vanessa Porto  (18-7) Unanimous Decision

The main event of the evening is for the Undisputed Invicta FC Atomweight Championship of the world. Ayaks Hamasaki put her title on the line against Amber Brown. The fight starts with the champion comes across and lands a take down on Brown and lands in half gaurd. Brown holds the champions head to keep her from getting space and even lands some elbows from the bottom.  The champion stacks up Brown. Brown throws her legs up and catches the champion in a triangle and is working to move the champions arm so she can sink in that choke. Brown continues to elbow the champion and the champ land some hammer fist. With 80 seconds left in the round, the champ gets out of the choke and ends up in side control. She lock in a key lock but Brown is able to get on top and land some shots to the champion from full mount. The round ends in that position. The second round starts much slower than the first. The champion is able to land a good right hand and gets out of the way quickly. Brown grabs a clinch and is abke to land some knees to the champs midsection.  Brown has the champion pressed agai7the cage and take her down. Brown now has the champions back and is land some hard shot to her ribs. The champ goes for the key lock again and gets Brown to roll and now the champ is on top but dosnt want to let go of the key lock. Again the champion stacks Amber up. Brown again goes for the triangle choke.  The beel seems to have saved the champion as Amber Brown bounce right up and the champ had to lay on the mat for a bit to catch her breath. Amber is measuring with her shot then runs the champion into the cage and landing some knees to her opponents leg. Brown pulls her down but ends up on bottom this time. Brown rolls to get on top but Hamasaki looks to sweep and ends up in Browns half gaurd. Again the champion is going for the key lock and cant get it. The champion goes for an armbar and Brown refuses top tap. She rolled a couple of time trying to relieve the pressure but she can’t get out and she reluctantly taps to the champion. Ayaka Hamasaki retains her Atomweight Championship.

Ayaka Hamasaki (13-1) defs Amber Brown (6-2) via Submission  (Arm Bar)

-Under Card-

In the first fight of the night, two fighter making their pro debuts entered the cage as Ashley Greenway took on Sarah Click. The first round started out very slow as the fighters were trying to find their range. Midway through the round Click started to unload more combinations, not landing many but controlling the cage and pepper and Greenway with a few shots. The first round wasn’t as exciting as I would hope. The second round started with Ashley Greenway throwing the sidekick working her way into a clinch and Sarah Click able to break the clinch very quickly. The Fosters dance around the cage actually Greenway was able to land a solid spinning back fist but not able to back it up with any other shots. Click continues to stalk green wire on the cage with her hands to her side Greenway lunge in to land a job here and there. Greenway was able to land a nice sitting back fist again with about 2 minutes 20 seconds left in the round and seem to wake up quick as she continues to stop Greenway. Greenway was able to land a sidekick but slipped while doing so her opponent Sara click was not able to capitalize on her slip. The round ended with Click starting to take over a little but Greenway was able to make her miss and then counter. The third and final round will tell the story as the fight is pretty even to this point. Greenway was able to catch click stick I was not able to complete a takedown the process. Sarah continues to stalk Ashley as the second tick off the clock. Ashley Greenway finally land a kick with 3 minutes and 31 seconds left in the third round, she’s able to transition to take clicks back looking for reverse triangle. Green was able to lock in an arm bar with two minutes and 30 seconds left in the round. Click refuses to tap while rolling and trying to throw shots at Greenway on the ground. Greenway can’t sink in a triangle choke or the armbar so she’s controlling both of Click’s arms and landing several elbows two Clicks forehead. Find me with 30 seconds left Greenway was able to secure an armbar but Click spun off the cage to roll over then get into Greenways guard on the top. Greenway did not give up on the arm bar. Click is able to survive until the bell the fight will go to a judge’s decision.

Ashley Greenway (1-0) defs Sarah Click (0-1) via drcision 30-26, 29-28, 29-28

Next in the cage Kelly McGill will wage battle with Aspen Ladd in a Bantamweight match up. Aspen is able to work her way inside an able to push Kelly up against the cage and control the clinch. Llad drags McGill to the mat and takes her back and throws in one hook. She continues to work and get in both hooks. Aspen is able to flatten out Kelly but gives up the hooks to land some knees. Kelly traps both of Aspen’s hands attempts to sweep but was unsuccessful in lad continues knees in McGill’s back. McGill is in survival mode as Ladd looks for the rear naked choke. Ladd gives up the choke to rain down punches to Kelly’s head. Again Ladd pushes McGill into the fence. She is abke to land several knees. Ladd tries a throw but isnt able to throw her but does land on top. Aspen begins to land shot after shot to Kelly’s haed as she continues to control the fight. Kelly is able to roll over and gets full guard on Aspen. Aspen quickly jumps up and tries to jump on top of Kelly but McGill is able to make her miss and stay out of danger. Ladd jumps to side control but jumps up and looks to her corner for instructions.  The ref stand the fighters up. Aspen Ladd quickly runs Kelly McGill in the cage and throws her to the mat and lands some short elbows before the round ends. Again in the 3rd round Ladd pushes McGill against the cage.  Ladd has double underhooks and drags McGill back to the canvas.  Ladd ends up in half gaurd and begins to rain down short hard elbows to McGill until the referee jumps in to stop the fight.

Aspen Ladd (3-0) defs Kelly McGill (2-1) via TKO in the 3rd round

Andrea Lee enters the cage next to take on Sara D’Alelio in the Flyweight division. Spiders moving around the cage throwing leg kicks until D’Alelio starts try to clinch with Lee who easily shakes it off. D’Alelio land a hard jab followed by another but Lee fires back with sots of her own. Lee continues to make and make herself a hard target as she lands leg kicks while D’Alelio lungs in to throw punches. Lee lands a coupke body kick and a jab as she pushes D’Alelio into the cage as she lands a hard shot right at the bell. D’Alelio starts the round with blood coming from the bridge of her nose. Lee continues to control the middle of the cage as her head movement makes it very difficult for D’Alelio to land anything. D’Alelio pushes Lee into the cage and looks for a takedown which Lee brushes off and lands a hard jab on her way out. D’Alelio finally lands a takedown and wnds up in Lee’s half gaurd. Lee is able to use her knee to keep D’Alelio from passing but geys hit with a nice shot for her trouble. Lee is able to get up with plenty of time left on the clock. Lee goes to grab an ankle and D’Alelio falls ontop of Lee. D’Alelio takes Lee’s back but is unable to get her hooks in as Lee reverses position and ends up on top for the final 20 seconds. D’Alelio looks for an armbar as the time runs out in round number 2. He works two jobs trying to keep distance. D’Alelio gets a clinch which Lee gets out of quickly and pushes D’Alelio against the cage. D’Alelio gets away from the cage and Lee rocks her with a good left hook and some knees to the body which looks to be wearing out D’Alelio.  Lee lands some more shots and forcing D’Alelio to shot for a takedown which she gets. Lee has D’Alelio in full guard and lands some shot so D’Alelio jumos up and as Lee begins to stand she goes for another takedown which Lee is able to sprawl out of.  D’Alelio garba a head lock on Lee which Lee used to throw D’Alelio to the mat. D’Alelio is abke to get back on top and look for a submission.  D’Alelio is able to flatten out Lee and look for a rear naked choke which is successfully in makeing Lee tap.

Sara D’Alelio  (9-6) defs Andrea Lee (4-2) via Submission  (RNC)

Next in the Invicta Cage former Atomweight Champion Herrica Tiburico will tries to work her way back into the tilte picture against top contender Jinh Yu Frey. Frey lands a nice punch kick combination and Tiburico counters with a jab of her own. Tiburico controls the center of the cage with leg kicks of her own with some jabs thrown in the mix. Frey continues to move and try to counter  as she looks for her shots as she moves in and out of the pocket. Both fighters lead legs are turning red from trading leg kicks. Frey is able to land a beautiful combination just before the round ends. As the second round starts both fighters continue with leg kicks and Frey theows a couple of body kicks. Frey continues to bounce around and move on and out of the pocket and land shot as she does. Tiburico is abke to hold Frey in a clinch and land a couple of solid punches before Frey can get away.  Frey lands an overhand right but Tiburico counters with a couple shots of her own the quickly back Frey up. Frey os able to land another solid left over the top of Tiburico’s body shots. Fery again stands in the pocket and lands a couple of shots before Tiburico is able to counter. Frey at the very end of the round land a very nice left that puts Tiburico on the mat but because of the round ending Frey has no time to try and finish. Frey starts the 3rd round quickly as she had Tiburico rocked at the end of the 2nd. Frey continues to use her length and keep the distance as she lands shits here and there and making Tiburico jump in to try and counter.  Tiburico continues to push the pace as Frey counters everything while keeping her distance.  Frey lands a body kick which is cought by Tiburico and used to complete a takedown as time runs out on her.

Jinh Yu Frey (5-1) defs Herica Tiburico  (9-4) 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

Roxanne Modafferia will square of with DeAnna Bennett in the Flyweight division in the Invicta Cage.  The fighters come out quick exchanging punches and kicks.   Bennett slips but Modafferia quickly jumps on top and lands some nice shot to her head and look for a Guillotine choke as they get off the mat. Bennett pushes against Modafferia as Bennett continues to control Roxanne.  Modafferia reverses position and looks for a takedown as Bennett blocks and the two fighters break apart and go back to the center of the cage. Modafferia trys to throw a push kick which is cought by Bennett and used to push Modafferia to the cage and then slam her to the mat. Bennett now inside the gaurd of Modafferia throws punchs to the body as Modafferia tries to move her legs high on Bennett’s back. Modafferia does a good job at controlling Bennett’s posture as Bennett lands some more nice shots before the bell sounds. Roxanne keeps Bennett against the cage as she lands several punchs. Modafferia continues to control the cage as she force Bennett to keep her back on the cage. Modafferia trues a spinning back fist which is blocked and Bennett tries her own with the same result.  Bennett slips on the mat but is abke to get up before Modafferia can attack. Bennett is able to keep her back off the cage and do more attacking in the second half of round 2 as she shoots for a takedown but the bell sounds before she can finish. The fighters exchange shot in the beginning of the 3rd round with Modafferia controlling the cage and keeping Bennett backed up to the cage. Modafferia continues to keep pressure not landing big shots but landing shots for sure. Bennett just can’t get room to attack and throw combinations as Modafferia continues to cut corners and apply pressure. With 20 seconds left Bennett begins to move forward eating Modafferia’s shots and landing shots of her own and goes for a takedown but again stopped by the bell.

Roxanne Modafferia (19-12) defs DeAnna Bennett (8-2) via spilt decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28