World Series of Fighting 29 takes place live on Saturday, March 12, 2016, live from the Bank of Colorado Arena in Greeley, Colorado. The night’s main event features two of the best lightweight fighters not in the UFC, as Justin Gaethje puts his title on the line against WSOF lightweight tournament winner and number one contender Brian Foster.  The bad blood between these two Colorado fighters has been building for years, and now they finally face off in a long-anticipated fight between two of Colorado’s best fighters.  The co-main event puts two heavy-handed heavyweights in the cage as former UFC fighter Josh “The Cuddly Bear” Copeland looks to earn his way back to the big show as he faces Mike Hayes.

Copeland starts round two pressing the action and landing heavy shots. Hayes is on the retreat as Copeland slowly stalks him down.  Copeland is throwing every punch with bad intentions and Hayes appears to be wilting.

The main card opens with another Colorado rivalry as Josh Cavan takes on Kris Hocum followed by a middleweight bout between Cory Devela and Louis Taylor.

Watch the entire prelim portion of the card here courtesy of World Series of Fighting

Main Card Results

Justin Gaethje vs Brian Foster For WSOF Lightweight Title

Both fighters touch gloves before Foster throws a haymaker. Gaethje is game though and stands in the pocket trading. Gaethje drops Foster but Foster is back to his feet and appears recovered. Foster shoots for a double but Gaethje stuffs it before making him pay with punches. Foster fires back and the crowd goes crazy. Gaethje fires a leg kick that buckles Foster’s leg and that its folks the fight is over as Foster can’t continue.

Justin Gaethje def. Brian Foster by TKO (Leg kick) Round 1, 1:43

Josh Copeland vs Mike Hayes

Both fighters meet in the center and touch gloves before resetting. Copeland immediately pushes the action landing several solid shots. Both fighters reset and Copeland lands another shot that excites the crowd. Copeland moves in and gets the clinch and throws Hayes up against the cage. Copeland has Hayes against the cage and lands some dirty boxing.  Copeland continues to press Hayes against the cage and both fighters jockying for position. Hayes fights himself off the cage but Copeland is relentless in his attack.  Both fighters reset in the center of the cage and look to establish their range as the round comes to an end.

Round two starts with both fighters looking to press the action but it is Copeland that continues to land the better shots. Both fighters begin to pace themselves and the action slows but Copeland continues to land some heavy shots.

Round three starts out with both fighters tired and breathing heavy. Copeland continues to press the action but Hayes is game and giving it all he has. Copeland continues to throw haymakers but isn’t landing the shots that he would like. Hayes looks to counter and both fighters want to press the action as the fight comes to a close.

Josh Copeland def. Michael Hayes by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3

Cory Devela vs Louis Taylor

Both fighters touch gloves and Devela moves in for the clinch. Taylor locks in a standing guillotine choke and that’s all she wrote as Devela goes to sleep, forcing the ref to stop it.

Louis Taylor def. Cory Devela by submission (Standing Guillotine) Round 1 .29

Josh Cavan vs Kris Hocum

Both fighters come out and circle each other before Hocum throws a low kick that is answered by Cavan. Both fighters trade kicks and look for range before Cavan shoots in for a takedown. Hocum stuffs it and they separate. Both fighters reset and it’s Hocum that’s able to land his shots. Both fighters continue to look for their range and trade shots before Cavan looks for another takedown. Hocum tries for a standing guillotine, forcing the break. Both fighters reset and again it is Hocum that gets the better of the exchange.  Cavan continues to press the action and works for another takedown that is stuffed by Hocum. Both fighters work for position against the cage before being separated.  Cavan is starting to find his range, landing heavy leg kicks.  Cavan again shoots for a takedown but Hocum won’t give it up. Fighters work for position in the clinch on the cage before exchanging shots and separating as the round ends.

Round two starts with more of the same as both fighters look to find their range. Hocum attempts to stalk Cavan down before Cavan presses forward, forcing the clinch. Both fighters work for position on the cage with neither getting a clear advantage. Cavan works a single leg but Hocum won’t be taken off his feet. Both fighters separate and Cavan lands a combo before shooting in for another takedown. Hocum again fends him off and the fighters break.  Hocum lands a straight right that catches Cavan’s attention.  Hocum continues to look light on his feet and bounce around the cage. Cavan shoots and finally gets a takedown, but Hocum is right back to his feet and is able to break away.  Cavan gets in tight again and gets another takedown, but Hocum quickly works to the cage and works back to his feet and creates space. Both fighters reset and the action continues for a brief moment as the round comes to an end.

Hocum comes out swinging, setting the tone in the third round and gets a takedown of his own. Cavan works back to his feet and attempts to reverse position with a single leg and the fighters separate. Cavan looks to press the action and lands a solid head kick. Hocum looks to the official for a break in the action and Cavan capitalizes on it and gets Hocum to the ground. Hocum attempts to scramble and Cavan takes his back.  Hocum turtles up looking to defend but Cavan is all over him with positioning. Hocum is relentless, though, and works back to his feet.  Cavan again moves in and clinches Hocum against the cage and drags him to the ground. You can see momentum going Cavan’s way and he is starting to take over this fight. Cavan gets Hocum’s back and both hooks in and starts to work for a submission as the round comes to an end. We will go to the judges scorecard for a decision.

Kris Hocum def. Josh Cavan by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Round 3

Preliminary Card Results

Ian Heinisch def Tyler Vogel by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-27) Round 3

Josh Huber def. Clay Wimer by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3

Brandon Royval def. Danny Mainus by KO (Knee) Round 1, 3:32