On Saturday, March 19, the UFC touched down in Brisbane, Australia to bring fight fans UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs. Mir live from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

In the night’s main event, former heavyweight title contender Mark Hunt (11–10–1) squared off against former two-time champion Frank Mir (18-10). Fans also witnessed a key welterweight contest between former Bellator MMA middleweight champion Hector Lombard (34–4–1) and surging Neil Magny (17–4)


Seo Hee Ham vs. Bec Rawlings

Round 1 — The other “Rowdy” took on Seo Hee Ham in the opening fight of Brisbane’s main card. Rawlings had a slight size advantage over the quick Seo Hee Ham; both fighters opted to trade on the feet to start things off. Ham was successful with the left early, while Rawlings countered with a right and combos. Ham showed fast hands in landing several combos as Bec looked to find her range, and landed a number of leg kicks as well. A push kick by Rawlings got Ham off balance and was followed up by a right hand with just over ninety seconds left in the round. Just over the minute mark Rawlings tagged her opponent with several stiff punches as the Australian brawler began to find her rhythm. Ham blocked a headkick as the round came to an end. Great start to the bout.

Round 2 — the second frame began with Rawlings looking a little more aggressive, and both fighters continued to keep things standing. Ham seemed content to stand in the picket and trade, but added in some push kicks only to have Rawlings storm back with some hard punches. Ham continued to show her speed, however Rawlings landed a solid right and managed to catch a leg and bring things to the mat around the halfway mark. Ham looked to set up a triange but Rawlings managed to transition to the back, looking for the rear naked choke. Ham defended and came out on top though Rawlings grabbed onto her arm briefly. Ham again escaped and they moved back to the feet. Rawlings missed a spinning backfist. Ham began looking for a takedown/throw against the fence with seconds ticking down in the round, but couldn’t secure it. It went to a third.

Round 3 — Ham started the third very aggressively, while Rawlings showed signs of fatigue. Rawlings’ tried a sloppy shoot in and wound up caught in a triangle, but after a few tense moments Rawlings broke free and landed a solid right from above. Ham popped back up and began taking it to Rawlings against the fence. Rawlings survived and managed to stall Ham against the fence with about a minute left in the round. Rawlings appeared to need a finish at this point however, and with under a minute Ham found some space and landed a couple of knees. They would end the round trading then embrace. Great fight.

Bec Rawlings def. Seo Hee Ham by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Steve Bosse vs. James Te Huna

Round 1 — There was absolutely no expectation of this match going the distance coming into it. Bosse was making just his second UFC appearance. Bosse looked lighter on his feet to start, Te Huna came out looking relaxed. Good swing and a miss by Te Huna then Bosse connected with a right and knocked him out cold!

Steve Bosse def. James Te Huna by KO, Round 1, 0:52

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Daniel Kelly

Round 1 — Antonio Carlos Junior looked to take the fight to the ground early, and managed to take the back of Daniel Kelly. After securing a body lock he had nearly complete control of Kelly, and worked to secure a rear naked choke while Kelly struggled to defend. Carlos Junior mixed in some strikes from behind then looked for a neck crank but couldn’t seem to get under the chin of Kelly. An accidental elbow to the back of the head by Carlos Junior drew a warning from the ref. As the round wore down Kelly looked winded, having had the bulk of Carlos Junior’s weight on him for nearly four minutes of the round.

Round 2 — Daniel Kelly had a lot of motivation to keep the fight standing at the second frame started. Still looked winded from the first. Jumping knee attempt by Carlos Junior just missed. Daniel Kelly landed a couple of lefts ninety seconds in, which represented some of his first offense of the fight. Carlos Junior threw a high kick that was blocked. After a shoot in attempt Kelly managed to take the back of his opponent and land some solid strikes as Carlos Junior tried to work his way back up.  Carlos Junior escaped and took Kelly’s back in turn but was too high and found himself shook off. Carlos Junior then dropped to the mat either possibly having rolled his right ankle. The round then came to an end – would the ankle impact the third?

Round 3 — The third saw Carlos Junior looking for a knee and shooting in before landing low with a knee that brought the boo birds out in the crowd. Kelly declined to take much of a time out, and the fight continued on. Kelly looked for a  takedown that was evaded then managed to take Carlos Junior’s back following a sprawl. As Carlos Junior tried to roll out Kelly rained down ground and pound, opening Carlos Junior up. The blows continued down and Carlos Junior covered up, no longer intelligently defending, and the ref waved off the fight. Huge come from behind win by Kelly!

Daniel Kelly def. Antonio Carlos Junior by TKO, Round 3, 1:36

Johnny Case vs. Jake Matthews

Round 1 — Jake Matthews has sort of flown under the radar in the UFC, but could be the Australian Sage Northcutt. At just 21, this was his fifth UFC bout. Matthews caught a push kick a minute in and nearly took case down, instead settling for a high kick when they broke. Case next landed a solid left; Matthews connected as well. Matthews went to the body, Case responded with a kick. Case was beginning to find his range at this point. Matthews shot for a takedown but it was a little too enthusiastic and Matthews ate some punishment after Case sprawled. Solid right by Matthews after they regrouped. A left was landed by Case. Matthews caught another kick by Case towards the end of the round, but was rocked by a left moments later as the round came to an end.

Round 2 — Did Matthews get a chance to recover between rounds? Case looked a little slower early on in the second, however he was still able to catch Matthews at times. A body kick two minutes in hurt case, then it went to the ground with Matthews on bottom looking for a triangle. Case eventually pulled out and managed to score a hard shot from above that forced Matthews to role over out of harm’s way. That allowed Case to control the back for a bit, followed by a transition that resulted in Case being in side control. Another transition and Case was looking for the back again and scoring points with the ground and pound. With a minute left they made it back to the feet. Case was opened up but still dangerous. A body shot hurt case. Matthews looked to sink in a guillotine but couldn’t secure it. That gifted side control to Case, but the bell sounded to end the round.

Round 3 — Case backed Matthews up against the cage early on but he circled out. Another good body kick by Matthews landed. They clinched along the cage. A good combo by Matthews targeted the body. Matthews seemed to sense that Case was struggling with the body shots. A left caused Case to stagger backwards at the midway point. Matthews began pouring it on a little more. Case managed to buy time and land a left. They clinched along the fence and Matthews scaled Case’s back, dragging him down and looking for a choke. He sunk it in with a minute to go and looked like he had it, but Case escaped the choke only to find Matthews was still stuck to his back. Matthews with ground and pound next. He locked in a rear naked choke, and managed to secure the tap with seconds counting down!

Jake Matthews def. Johnny Case by submission (rear naked choke), Round 3, 4:45

Hector Lombard vs. Neil Magny

Round 1 — Lombard landed hard, landed early, and Magny was covering up and scrambling just thirty seconds in. Amazingly he survived the onslaught for over a minute while Lombard landed more shots from the side. Showeather was all over his opponent. Magny was thrown/fell to the mat and found Lombard on top; Magny looked for an arm-bar but Lombard just powered out of it. Elbows from the top followed by Lombard. Magny showed a heck of a chin just making it to the halfway mark of the first. Later in the first Magny looked to make it back to the feet and managed to do so, tried a jumping knee and threw a combo only to eat a counter right. Lombard looked to slow things down; Magny soon found himself back on the mat and was looking to sweep. Back on the feet, Magny landed a leg kick, and looked to find his range. Lombard landed a low blow but Magny declined to take any time, just as the round ended.

Round 2 — Magny appeared to be looking to capitalize on a tired Lombard in the second. The taller fighter was light on his feet and moved in and out, but still found himself tagged by Lombard. Magny initiated a clinch and looked for a knee. He landed a sold right next. Another strike landed for Magny, and he clinched, but that allowed Lombard to look for a judo throw. He countered but Lombard landed a huge left that dropped Magny! Magny survived, but Lombard entered his guard with half the round remaining. He escapes following a leg lock attempt and Magny winds up in half guard then trying to lock in a triangle. He has it tight, but Lombard fights out. Magny passes guard and mounts, raining down bows. Lombard rolls over and Magny flattens him out. Magny lands from the top and Lombard just covers up. Magny can’t seem to put enough into the punches for the ref to call it. Magny rains down punches and then elbows for a full minute but the ref doesn’t wave it off.

Round 3 — Lombard looked out on his feet before the action started and wobbled walking out. Magny connected right away and brought Lombard down. Lombard appeared to have nothing left and was opened up, Magny with ground and pound and mercifully the ref waved it off. Great performance by Magny, great heart, but the fight should have been stopped in the second. Terrible non-stoppage that just put Lombard in danger.

Neil Magny def. Hector Lombard by TKO, Round 3, 0:46

Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

Round 1 — The feeling leading into the main event was “blink and you’ll miss it.” They touched gloves and it was underway. Hunt opened with a leg kick. Mir showed some level changes early. Mir escaped a dangerous swing early, and slipped on a takedown attempt. Mir looked to find his range with the jab. More level changes from Mir. Hunt connected but not clean. A big swing and a miss followed. Hunt connected again – it’s done! A huge right hand just behind the ear. A walk-off KO for Hunt!

Mark Hunt def. Frank Mir by KO, Round 1, 3:01



  • Mark Hunt def. Frank Mir by KO, Round 1, 3:01
  • Neil Magny def. Hector Lombard by TKO, Round 3, 0:46
  • Jake Matthews def. Johnny Case by submission (rear naked choke), Round 3, 4:45
  • Daniel Kelly def. Antonio Carlos Junior by TKO, Round 3, 1:36
  • Steve Bosse def. James Te Huna by KO, Round 1, 0:52
  • Bec Rawlings def. Seo Hee Ham by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


  • Alan Jouban def. Brendan O’Reilly by TKO, Round 1, 2:15
  • Dan Hooker def. Mark Eddiva by submission (guillotine choke) Round 1, 1:24
  • Leslie Smith def. Rin Nakai by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Viscardi Andrade def. Richard Walsh by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


  • Ross Pearson def. Chad Laprise by split decision (28-30, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Alan Patrick def. Damien Brown by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

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