At UFC Fight Night 85, Mark Hunt continued his surge towards UFC’s Holiest of Grails with a highspot reel walk-off KO of perennial UFC resident Frank Mir. Now the question is can the “The Super Samoan” finally capture the coveted heavyweight gold strap?

There’s s simple answer that incorporates a single consonant and a single vowel; NO! There you have it.

A closer look at the Kiwi’s zilch factor:

No one’s denying Hunt’s heavy-handed comatose-esque power—he has copious amounts with a lot to spare, however, take away his prime asset and he’s akin to an open book—to be read and then discarded at his opponents whim.

In Frank Mir (18-11 MMA, 16-11 UFC) he steamrolled a 36-year-old worn-out and war-weary warrior who elected to stand and bang, simply because his takedown offense has always been slim-to-none.

Against the division’ upper echelon fighters, the American Top Team (ATT) combatant almost always falls short. This was evidenced by his losses to Stipe Miocic, current heavyweight kingpin Fabricio Werdum and former champ Junior dos Santos.

Given his pedigree for fistic violence, he nonetheless was put him on ice by the aforesaid trio. Which begs the question, have the years of jaw and cranium smashes finally taken their toll on the #9 ranked fighter? Affirmative!

At 41 (born 23 March, 1974), heavy-hitter or not, Hunt (12-10-1 MMA, 7-4-1 UFC) is no spring chicken. If he does eventually get a tilt at the title (and that’s a humongous IF), the earliest date would be pencilled in sometime around mid-late 2017. By then he’ll be 43.

Time isn’t on the big man’s side. Furthermore, the current crop of top-five/six heavies have striking power in abundance, and to boot, one or two with impressive ground skills.

Food for thought: albeit it wasn’t under the umbrella of the Zuffa based promotion, the former kickboxer has been submitted on six occasions.

All told, the best Hunt can hope for is a chimerical shot at the title; his trajectory will be halted soon enough.

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