Name – Jose Aldo
Current Age – 29
Record – 25-2
Weight Class – Featherweight (145 pounds)
Height – 5’7”
Reach – 70”
Team/Gym – Nova Uniao

Striking 9/10

One of the most decorated champions in UFC history ,Aldo is a dynamo on the feet. With exceptional movement, quickness and devastating power Aldo rarely loses an exchange. His best weapon – which also happens to be the most underutilized weapon in MMA – is the leg kick. He uses it to breakdown his opponents on the feet and slow their movement.

Wrestling/Grappling 9/10

Aldo is a natural athlete with great explosive power in his hips and both are key components of his grappling success. Taking Aldo down would be difficult because of his footwork, but when you add in his hip explosion his sprawl is almost impossible to overcome. Offensively Aldo can change levels, has great timing and understands leverage.

Submissions 9/10

A black belt under the great Andre Pederneiras, Aldo has a spectacular ground game; we just don’t see it very often because he is so good on the feet. Even though he only has one submission win on his record – technically two but one was by way of soccer kicks so it doesn’t really count – Aldo technical aptitude cannot be ignored.

Athleticism/Conditioning 9/10

One of the most explosive athletes in MMA Aldo’s athleticism is off the charts. Between his quickness, fluid movement, hand eye coordination and power he can overwhelm an opponent with his physical gifts alone. His one flaw is his conditioning tends to give way late in fights. That allows his opponents to take control of the fight in the championship rounds.

Fight IQ 8/10

Staying undefeated in this sport for nine years is an incredible feat and it’s something that just doesn’t happen on talent alone; you have to be a smart fighter as well. Aldo is an extremely smart fighter and he knows how to pick opponents apart. But far too often he takes his foot off the gas late in fights and

Overall 44/50

About The Author

RJ Gardner
Content Coordinator

RJ Gardner is a rabid sports fan and a long time MMA enthusiast. After watching UFC 1 at ripe old age of 11 RJ was hooked and his passion for the sport has continued to blossom over the years. RJ has been covering MMA since 2007 and has had work featured on Bleacher Report,, and RJ is also a Petroleum Transportation Operations Manager during the day.