As a former USADA tested athlete, let me say this clearly: all supplements can and should be considered PEDs. 

Think about it. Why does one take them in the first place? To ENHANCE your body’s  ability to do various things. Whether it is simple fish oil pills, calcium pills, or more complex custom made synthetic supplements that many MMA athletes use daily.

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Let’s be clear: logically there are obvious differences between simple multivitamins and something you see in Muscle and Fitness or from companies like ONNIT and MusclePharm. 

But here’s where you can start to change your mind on that. There is no regulation and government backed scientific testing for supplements like with food and precription drugs. Those things are regulated and tested by the FDA. Supplements, however, are not and because of this USADA distinctly warns all athletes to beware what goes into their bodies.

They have a 24-hour hotline for athletes to call and check ingredients in food and supplements, the wallet reference, website that is available on mobile devices, and of course, full length athlete handbooks. Not to mention that athletes have to submit quarterly whereabouts forms for random testing that document daily movements, any trips that are planned, and all prescribed and OTC medications.

At this point, you’re probably thinking “wow, athletes really go through a lot to take their supplements or medication.” This is absolutely true.

Now to show my bias. Jon Jones is one of the most talented and exciting athletes I’ve ever watched in any sport. I would much rather see him right Daniel Cormier to show who is “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” With that said, given his admitted illicit drug abuse, alcohol issues, civic issues with the hit and run incident and other run ins with the law, I have to ask one question: 

  • How many chances does one man get?

Regardless of talent, no one should be above the rules. USADA was brought in for instances exactly like this. 

Even if this was a true accident or just a tainted supplement, all you have to do is contact USADA and tell them exactly what you’re taking and they will advise you whether you should or not. If they say no, or to use at your own risk, then as an athlete one has to be prepared to face the music. 

Everyone wanted to see this fight. The fans are robbed, the UFC was robbed both financially and in its reputation, and Daniel Cormier may never get to prove himself against the P4P best fighter of all time while he is still somewhat near his prime (Cormier is 37 right now). Yet with all that said, the system is working, and hopefully this goes as a warning to future fighters. 

As fans, let’s still take in UFC 200, if for no other reason to appreciate all the clean fighters that have brought our sport to its current heights, and will progress it even further in the future.

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Mike is a long time MMA fan that is currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Judo. He has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science: Teaching emphasis, along with 8+ years of experience coaching and competing in folk-style and freestyle wrestling, as well as 23+ years competing in and teaching Olympic-style and traditional judo, and 5 years as a practitioner of boxing and kickboxing. This all gives him a unique perspective as a fan of the fight game.

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