Angela Magana, who entered the UFC as part of The Ultimate Fighter Season 20: A Champion Will Be Crowned and who has gone 0-2 thus far in her octagon career, took to social media over the weekend to defend the UFC’s often criticized pay scale. Magana, who was injured this past fall following a twister submission she refused to tap out from (presumably in training as she had no fight at the time), was last seen losing to former Invicta FC champ Michelle Waterson in July 2015.

In a video posted to YouTube and linked via her Twitter (a rather racy Twitter, so assume there’s some NSFW content should you venture onto it), Magana critiques the often used comparison between MMA pay, and that in boxing. You can view the video in full below:

While it doesn’t eliminate the debate around fighter pay (far from it), it’s interesting to see a fighter, specifically one lower down the food chain, stand up for the promotion in this regard. Magana also let out an interesting little tidbit: after passing a drug test, fighters — at least in her case — are written a check for additional money. Three thousand is the number Magana states, adding “I think winners get five.”

As to the boxing comparison, she points out that base pay in the UFC is $10,000 to show, and another $10,000 to win. Whereas in boxing, undercard fighters may just make a few grand. Top boxers, she states, also foot the money for many productions, from security to tickets to everything in between.

With the newly confirmed sale of the UFC being the talk of the sporting world, fighter pay will no doubt continue to be a hotly debated issue. It seems like the perfect time for more and more fighters to let their thoughts be known, be they positive or negative. If you don’t speak up, after all, you don’t have a voice.

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