While banning fighters who have failed drug tests is commonplace, no one would’ve bet on UFC pulling a fighter who has yet to test positive for any banned substances. Yet George Sullivan will no longer be competing at UFC on FOX 20. Sullivan was set to face Hector Urbina on Saturday the 23rd of July at the United Centre but now it looks like the UFC will be sending another fighter to the windy city. Even though Sullivan is extremely vocal about his stance on PEDs and the need to keep them out of the MMA, the UFC has still found something to investigate. This move comes in the wake of the Brock Lesnar news and the substances which he tested positive for. After the news broke out about Lesnar’s results Mark Hunt, who recently lost to Lesnar, was outspoken regarding the need for a fighter’s union. Now with the UFC pulling fighters who haven’t even tested positive for banned substances, Hunt is betting his call won’t fall on deaf ears.  

A fighter’s association would provide a layer of protection the fighters currently don’t have against the UFC. For example the UFC is claiming that it pulled Sullivan in order to conduct an investigation into a “high risk” dietary supplement which Sullivan was taking. The UFC claims that this was the first time that Sullivan had declared using the supplement while the fighter claims otherwise.

“I did not fail a test,” Sullivan explained through social media. “I was pulled from the card due to a natural supplement being on my list of supplements that I voluntarily disclosed to USADA. This supplement has been on my list that I have disclosed to both the UFC and USADA prior to my previous fights.”

Whenever there’s a disagreement between a fighter and the company you can bet on UFC always coming out on top. They have all the resources the fighters need and while the fighters can turn to other smaller promotion companies, there aren’t too many lucrative options. This will ultimately result in the UFC abusing its power to achieve its own agenda. While right now the UFC is handing out suspensions under the guise of cleaning up the sport, it could one day use that same power to pressure fighters. Certain bouts will no doubt be more favourable for the company and eventually it will do everything it can to make the most money. If certain fighters are unwilling to fight in a certain bout – for whatever reason – the UFC can then pressure those fighters into accepting whatever they have in store.

This is the problem at its most extreme. At its mildest is what happened to Hunt. Hunt, a clean fighter, was pit against Brock Lesnar. At the weigh in the difference was clear as Lesnar was towering over Hunt. How much of that can be attributed to PEDs is uncertain; but that’s the point exactly. True competitors will want to be able to say that the results, no matter what they are, are 100% their accomplishments. Not that they shot-up to get an edge and not have to work as hard. On top of that is the risk factor. As Hunt stated in interviews he risked his own personal health by stepping into that octagon. Lesnar pummelled him for most of the match and Lesnar ended up getting more money at the end of the day. Now Lesnar’s win is tainted and Hunt doesn’t even receive a phone call from the UFC, let alone any sort of monetary compensation. You can always bet on UFC to be stingy with its coin.


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