Tyron Woodley shocked the mixed-martial arts world when he stopped Robbie Lawler in the first round at UFC 201 on July 30, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. Woodley, the underdog, faced a big task when he stepped into the cage with one of the most dangerous brawlers around today. A few insiders picked Woodley to win the bout, but no one expected Woodley to pull off his sensational win in that manner.


Injuries forced the former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion to sit on the sideline for several months. During this period, Woodley studied film and worked on his technique. You could also see that his confidence level started to rise. Woodley was in the process of becoming a huge threat to a Welterweight Champion with a reputation for destroying his opponents.


At the weigh-in, Woodley stepped on the scale with a chiseled physique that would make Charles Atlas blush. Woodley had a determined look on his face. He was ready to put his skills, reputation, and career on the line.


Everyone expected a tough fight, but a first round finish was out of the question. 5Dimes revealed that Lawler was a heavy favorite to keep his championship. Despite the predictions, Woodley surprised Lawler with his tremendous speed and power. Lawler was not able to recover from Woodley’s swift assault.


Tyron Woodley now wears the Welterweight Crown. He will make a title defense soon, but there is some controversy surrounding his next opponent. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson feels that he should be Woodley’s next opponent. Thompson has shown flashes of greatness, but Woodley is not impressed. Woodley feels that he should be allowed to pick his next opponent. Let’s take a close look at a few reasons why Tyron Woodley deserves to pick his next opponent.



Loyalty means everything in the business of mixed-martial arts. Woodley has been a loyal employee of the Ultimate Fighting Championship since he signed the contract. Some fighters have avoided stiff competition in the past. Woodley has not turned down any tough fights during his stint as a UFC fighter.


The UFC is well-known for rewarding fighters who have shown loyalty to the company. Woodley should be rewarded for being a loyal and honorable fighter. He is only interested in giving the fans a show for their money.


Michael Bisbang’s Next Opponent

Michael Bisbang has chosen his next opponent. He will be facing Dan “Hollywood” Henderson in his next bout. Henderson is a world-class athlete. He won a belt in Pride, and he shocked the world when he stopped Fedor Emelianenko several years ago. It is also important to point out that Henderson has not looked good lately.


The UFC Middleweight Division is stacked with pure talent. Bisbang could have defended his belt against a higher ranked opponent, but he is getting an opportunity to redeem his earlier loss to Henderson. Many mixed-martial arts fans around the globe are not happy with this move.


Woodley should be given the same opportunity. After facing a tough opponent, Woodley should be allowed to choose his next opponent.


Woodley’s Performances

Woodley’s performances have been spectacular. He stopped Martin Kampmann, Jon Fitch, and he beat Carlo Condit. He also knocked out the durable John Koshcheck. Woodley is expected to continue his sensational winning streak, but it is imperative for the UFC to keep their shining star happy. This will keep him focused and motivated.


Tyron Woodley has worked extremely hard throughout his career. At this time, he is sitting on the top of the world. Woodley has the physical skills that can help him stay a champion for a long time. He deserves a chance to pick his next opponent.


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