For almost two decades Anderson Silva has dominated the world of Mixed Martial Arts. He dominated the competition winning 17 straight fights over a six-year period.   His UFC dominance has been second to none and helped take the company to new levels and up until he ran into Chris Weidman at UFC 162 he seemed unbeatable.
While Silva entered the cage alone and finished every fight all by himself, he did not rise to the top without help. Over the years, Silva strategically put together a training team that would help hone his skills and allow him to tear through the competition like a howitzer tearing through target practice. Silva learned that to be a dominant fighter, to win every battle, he would need a team around him, to coach him, teach him, train him and prepare him for war. Much like a Military General, without this team behind him, Silva would have never been able to achieve the greatness that he did and win battle after battle.

There is no question that Silva’s body is not the same. He no longer has the quickness that he once did, not does he have the precision accuracy that allowed him to knock guys like Forrest Griffin and Chris Leben silly with a jab, but with that said his mind is still sharp and his resolve is as strong as ever and he takes that mindset to the Plarium’s newest game, Throne: Kingdom at War.
Throne: Kingdom At War is the newest massive multiplayer strategy game on the mobile platform and Silva was one of four professional athletes selected to be a part of it.  All four professional athletes geared up in medieval armor for numerous photo shoots to ensure the life-likeness and realistic game plan.
Many people might be thinking, why would a world class Mixed Martial Artist want to get involved in a medieval mobile game? Well this is not just any mobile game and just like fighting, Throne: Kingdom at War, requires proper strategy, assembling the proper team, constant improvement and meticulous planning and that makes it a perfect fit for a guy like Silva.

As mobile game play continues to grow you will see more and more athletes cross over into this platform. Everyone loves sports and everyone love games and strategy games are the perfect marriage for professional athletes because at the end of the day the strategy required to take over the world is no different than the strategy used inside the octagon, or to win the super bowl.

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    I think it is better than other mobile games. The setting is really awesome! There are a lot of competition, like a real world. Online mobile games is future. Let’s kick ass!