MMA is a sport that is becoming much more popular thanks to big personalities in the game such as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. Both fighters have achieved a lot in the last couple of years and thanks to their big fan bases, they have helped to make the sport even more popular. Not only is the sport becoming popular to watch, but there are also a lot of punters that put money on certain matches in the hope of winning a large profit. A lot of other punters do not think it is a sport that should be gambled on for a variety of reasons, and those reasons are listed below.

Not Many Markets

The main problem when betting on MMA is that there aren’t many markets to choose from. There are some bookmakers out there that offer certain market specials, but a lot of the others only stick to the common markets such as who is going to win and in what round etc. To make MMA betting worth it, bookmakers will need to come up with a variety of markets that will make betting fun. Of course, a lot of punters still make a lot of money from betting on the match winner, but betting on MMA isn’t that enticing for punters that want different markets to take advantage of.

Inaccurate Odds

If you look at the odds for certain fights you will quickly see who is favourite to win, but when you have fighters such as Conor McGregor to win a fight at 1/10, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is certain to win it, it just means he is well-backed to win it from many punters. It’s the same for all sports when it comes to calculating odds, but when it comes to MMA the odds are completely different to what the actual chances of one of the fighters winning are. MMA is a completely different sport to anything else when it comes to betting, and the opponents can be in similar positions in terms of chance of winning the fight than the odds actually suggest.

Odds Do Not Represent Great Value

As above, the odds for certain fighters to win doesn’t suggest their overall ability, and you will often find that not only do the bookmakers not offer a variety of markets, but the odds are really poor when backing the favourites, as there are only two people to choose from. Of course, if you are backing the unlikely winner, then you could benefit from great odds if they win, but backing the favourite isn’t going to be very profitable at all, and it could prove to be a risky bet.

Take Advantage of Betting Offers

The only way you can really earn a good profit from betting on MMA is if you take advantage of the 2017 Betting Offers that multiple bookmakers promote, and even then, it’s not guaranteed to earn you a profit. There are hundreds of promotions to take advantage of and bookmakers do offer special promotions when it comes to MMA. For example, if you bet on Conor McGregor to win the fight in the 2nd round, but he ends up winning in the 1st round instead, some bookmakers may give you your stake back depending on the promotion they are offering for the fight.

Betting on MMA fights has been known to be very profitable to some punters, but it’s definitely not an event that a lot of the serious punters take advantage of purely because of the above reasons. If bookmakers offered more markets and better odds that represented better value for money, then a lot more punters would be interested in putting their money where their mouth is.

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