Nate Diaz has always been a fan favorite, but the longtime UFC star earned even more attention in 2016 with his two fights against Conor McGregor. For the first at UF 196, Diaz stepped in on 11 days’ notice and upset McGregor with a second-round submission victory. He came up a bit short in the rematch at UFC 202, as McGregor earned a majority decision nod, but it was an action-packed fight that showcased both fighters’ hearts.

When it comes to fight prep, Diaz is certainly unique. Here are the five ways he gets ready for his fights.


  1. Triathlon Training


Like his brother Nick, Nate Diaz is a triathlete. He has been competing in triathlons since he was 18 years old, and he has kept up with it throughout his MMA career. Whether he has a race coming up or not, Diaz is swimming, biking and running frequently. He typically races in XTERRA triathlons, which are the most challenging type of triathlon because they involve mountain biking, which is a full-body workout. It’s obvious that one of the reasons Diaz is famous for his endurance is his triathlon training.


  1. Lifting Weights


Diaz typically does weightlifting once or twice per week. While he doesn’t lift as frequently as he does triathlon training or trains in martial arts, it’s still an important part of his routine. Each weightlifting session is about an hour, and the goal is to build both strength and endurance, which means Diaz lifts medium weights instead of trying to set a new one-rep max.


  1. Martial Arts


Martial arts training makes up the bulk of Diaz’ routine year-round and especially in the lead-up to a fight. He trains at multiple gyms and with a variety of training partners, but his most common training partners are his brother Nick, Gilbert Melendez, and Jake Shields, all of whom are part of the Cesar Gracie team with Diaz.


Diaz trains his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, which is also where he does MMA training. He is also known for his work with boxing coach Richard Perez, who first started training Nick well over a decade ago before he fought Robbie Lawler. Diaz has gotten to spar with several world-class boxers while under Perez’ tutelage, including former super welterweight champion Rodney Jones and Olympic gold medalist Andre Ward.


  1. Vaping


Diaz is one of many who vapes, and he was even seen using the type of vape pen you get in a vape starter kit after his UFC 202 loss against McGregor. Nursing quite a few bruises and cuts, Diaz took several hits from his vape pen, and when reporters asked him what was in it, he told them it was CBD oil.


He went on to explain that he uses CBD oil because it helps with the inflammation that occurs from his training, and that he highly recommends it. Using CBD oil so shortly after his fight actually led to a minor issue with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but that was later dropped.


  1. Vegan Diet


Both Diaz brothers have long proponents of a vegan diet, as they believe it’s healthier and better for performance. Nate Diaz has clarified that he’s not 100-percent vegan, as he does occasionally eat eggs and even a bit of fish. However, when he’s in fight training, he does eat a 100-percent vegan diet.


Diaz also mentioned that he used to cut out meat before competitions, but then when he’d start eating it again after, it wouldn’t sit well with him. He decided it’d be better to cut it out entirely.


When it comes to physical fitness, Diaz certainly ranks near the top. He seemingly never gets tired in his fights, and he has been a contender in the lightweight division for many years. His fight preparation and healthy lifestyle are certainly huge parts of his success.


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