If you are reading this, you know fighters put their body and mind through hell while they are in a camp for an upcoming MMA bout.

A few years ago, I was curious how difficult it was to cut weight, so I found out. I cut weight like I was actively in a martial arts training camp.

Disclaimer: Do not try this. I was supervised by an EMT during the entire process

At the time, I was around 135 pounds. My goal was to lose 15 pounds in 24 hours. I was 134 the morning I started, so I needed to get down to 119 pounds.

To start off, I put on as many layers of sweats as I could and jumped on my exercise bike. I can’t remember how long I rode it, but every layer of clothing I was wearing was drenched by the time I was done. There was 4 pounds gone.

Next, I soaked in a really cold bath, then dried off, wrapped myself in blankets, and sat in my car with the heat on full blast. I alternated between the tub and blankets for a few hours. Another 5 pounds down the tube.

I was dying for water by this time. All I could do was swish it around in my mouth and spit it back out. Also, I was turning into a huge jerk.

I was not having a good time.

I spent the rest of the time on my exercise bike and pacing up and down stairs. My EMT friend told me after roughly 8 hours that I needed to stop. I was at 121 lbs.

I was back at my regular weight a few hours later.

Moral of the story: Every fighter we see pushes their bodies to its absolute limits to entertain you. Just think about that next time you want to boo a fighter you may not like or you find “boring.

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