The Events Leading Up to the McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight

Conor McGregor is trying to take over Floyd Mayweather in the lead-up to a fight that many think he simply will not win.

The UFC Star is Unstoppable

McGregor arrived at his second World Tour press Conference in Toronto and spent some time talking to the press outside. He hung out with Drake inside the dressing rooms, and waited for Mayweather to arrive –which he eventually did, albeit almost an hour late.

If Mayweather’s tardiness was his attempt to throw McGregor off his game it didn’t work: the MMA star stormed the stage, and didn’t stop. McGregor spewed expletives at a Showtime executive as well as his opponent, and displayed exactly why this fight is going to cost US$100 to watch: McGregor was born to entertain, and is an incredible showman. He is also unafraid of talking to one of the best boxers in the world in a manner few would dare to.

McGregor Very Likely to Lose the Match

It is almost certain that McGregor will come off second-best during the August 26th fight in Las Vegas. While he is an excellent MMA fighter, he has absolutely no experience in the world of professional boxing, and his opponent is a legend.

The Press Conferences Will Not Decide the Fight

Whatever insults are exchanged for our viewing pleasure, there will be no change in the fight’s outcome when the date comes around. The four-stop, three-nation press tour has as its aim the generation of buzz and excitement for the fight and, at the very least, it’s allowing McGregor another chance to enjoy the limelight as he postures for the crowds and drumming up interest for the online betting sites that will be offering a market for the match.

McGregor and Mayweather are Reaching New Lows

While Mayweather tried to counter McGregor’s insult to his ability to read with a muttering about numbers being all he cared about, his rebuttal fell flat, and it was obvious that McGregor had thrown him off. Thanks to the fact that there is less-than-zero chance of this happening inside the boxing ring, perhaps Conor should be allowed to say and do as he likes in this arena.

Mayweather has tried to disrespect the Irish flag, and the insults the two fighters have been exchanging have become ever more boorish and low-brow, but it is understood that it serves a purpose.

The Fight will be Worthwhile No Matter What

At this point, Conor McGregor does not even need to show any serious ability when it comes to the Las Vegas fight in August in order to make it a worthwhile thing for him to do. He is taking full advantage of the new, higher-profile platform in order to sell himself, and it is working. McGregor is set to make an absurd amount of money no matter which way the fight goes, and, as popular as he may be in UFC circles, he is managing to elevate his sports-world-status every time someone reports on an insult he hurls at Mayweather –or anyone else, for that matter.

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