As we edge closer to one of the most hyped-up events in combat sports, more and more big stars from both the mixed martial arts and boxing world have been weighing in and making their predictions. One of the latest of those to speak out is Mike Tyson, with the boxing legend claiming that the simultaneous two-weight UFC champion is a “dumba**” for taking the fight.

Tyson said: “McConor put his dumb** in a position where he’s gonna get knocked out because this guy’s been doing this all his life since he was a baby… McGregor took the biggest sucker rules in the history of boxing.”

Being almost uncharacteristically respectful to the man who effectively said that he hasn’t got a chance in the upcoming fight, Conor McGregor responded to Tyson’s comments by claiming that he is “the new Don King.”

Despite the naysayers and many, many pundits, the MMA star is still going to stand a chance in the ring with Floyd Mayweather simply because of the nature of the sport. It’s just two people in a ring with gloves on. Sure, one may have more experience than the other, but one swift, precise, and hard punch can change everything.

How could McGregor overcome Mayweather

Looking at his more recent boxing record, since the Victor Ortiz bout in September 2011, Floyd Mayweather has failed to win by knockout. The American’s last seven fights all went the distance and were all ruled in his favor by the judges in Las Vegas.

Using his very defensive strategy with speed and counter punching, Mayweather has been able to charm judges with his boxing skill to compensate for his seemingly drained knockout power. As one would expect, Mayweather is the heavy favorite to win with all bookmakers, with McGregor barely being given a chance.

Despite the results of his last seven fights, Mayweather is expected to win the battle with Conor McGregor within the distance, with the Mayweather vs McGregor betting tips page suggesting a Mayweather win via TKO, KO or disqualification.

However, McGregor’s 40/1 enhanced odds may be worth taking when you consider the speed, precision, and raw power that the Irishman has utilized in the octagon to forge his mighty MMA reputation. If not, perhaps the fact that McGregor has never been knocked out in the UFC will be enough to warrant backing the fight to go the distance at 7/4.

Many boxers have tried to be aggressive against Mayweather, get inside his defense, and land some punches to his head to take the momentum of the fight, but it’s never worked – as his 49-0 record shows. But McGregor is a different type of fighter. In the UFC, he has been very aggressive, but while being tentative to defend the various styles thrown his way, so he’s become clinical and has developed some top ring-work to dictate fights.

Mayweather will want to control the bout, so if McGregor can come in pressing but also be able to allow Mayweather to come to him and get in some big counters, the UFC champion could see the fight sway in his favor. All-in-all, though, McGregor needs a knockout at some stage in the fight as it doesn’t seem conceivable that he’ll be able to outbox Mayweather – especially in the eyes of the Las Vegas judges.

Being awkward, surprising Mayweather, and utilizing his clinical striking and power during the sanctioned boxing match could see Conor McGregor win the big money bout.

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