McGregor’s Confidence Won’t Matter, Says Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has cautioned Conor McGregor that his confidence won’t count for much once they get into the ring. The American athlete’s 49 for 0 unbeaten record is on the line when the upcoming fight against UFC star McGregor takes place, with the latter making his boxing debut on the 26th of August, for the Las Vegas fight at the T-Mobile Arena.

Big Talk from Conor McGregor

Despite having never professionally boxed, McGregor has stated that he plans to win the match against Mayweather inside of four rounds. The pair has been trading insults over the course of their promotional tour, and although McGregor has landed some doozies, Mayweather is more than prepared for the talking to stop and the fighting to begin.

Mayweather has stated that he has been around the block, and knew what to expect inside the ring. He went on to say that although McGregor’s confidence was admirable, it would be a totally different story once they were up against each other on fight night.

Mayweather feels that the fight will be just another day at the office, and says that it is this mentality that has allowed him to keep the perfect record that he has managed to.

Pundits Predict a Mismatch of Titanic Proportions

Taking into account McGregor’s non-existent experience regarding boxing, and Mayweather’s deserved reputation as one of the most excellent fighters in history, many experts are predicting an unequal fight. Needless to say, online betting in NZ and the rest of the world is going mad as punters decide on whether to bet on the biggest upset in boxing history, should McGregor somehow manage to take Mayweather down, or wager on what is most likely to occur, with odds-on favourite Mayweather once again emerging from the ring as the winner.

It’s No Longer Just a Fight, It is an Event

Mayweather is well aware that he and McGregor will be expected to entertain spectators come the 26th, given the mass attention the bout has managed to garner around the whole world.

He has stated that this is not just a fight, but an event, and that he and McGregor owe fans the excitement they are looking for. He went on to say that it all comes down to two competitors at the end of the day, and although his famous father could gift him with a good game plan, he would not be able to actually fight for him. He also said that no matter who the crowd ended up rooting for, the two fighters would both be doing their best.

Mayweather Concedes Conor’s Advantages

Mayweather also said that he was aware that McGregor was taller than he, and that he possessed a long reach and the fact that he was younger counted for him as well. Although many people felt that McGregor had power on his side, Mayweather feels that his knowledge of the ring and experience will do him well. His fight knowledge would be a huge advantage and he was looking forward to making the best use of it that he could.