Mixed Martial Arts is a hardcore mix of several martial arts. It covers judo, amateur wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai. This sport has been on the rounds for many decades, and it hasn’t been known well for men only, but even the women show a lot of interest. Many fans love this sport a lot, but still, there are some facts which may not have been much familiar to them.

Below are some of the exciting MMA facts which many hardcore fans don’t know:

  • The first ever fight in the history of MMA took place in Shanghai, China, in the year 1909. It was a fight between Chinese Wushu fighter Huo Yuan Jia and British boxer Hercules O’Brien.
  • UFC 1 was initially planned to have a moat around the cage filled with alligators or to electrify the chain-link fencing, but later it was decided to have just a cage.
  • Junior Dos Santos was the Super Fight Championship belt holder way before the MMA Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock won the same title. When Shamrock seized the title in 1995, the title got renamed to UFC Heavyweight Championship. So, technically, Junior Das Santos still holds the championship belt, and it hasn’t been broken till today.
  • Bruce Buffer is well known as the ‘Veteran Voice of the Octagon’ as he is the official Octagon announcer for UFC events. He is the grandson of Johnny Buff, the flyweight boxing champion. Bruce Buffer followed the footsteps of his grandfather and became a champion in his own right. Currently, Bruce is a second-degree black belt in tang soo do.
  • It took merely 1.13 seconds for Mike Garrot to knockout Sam Herron and to achieve the record for the fastest MMA knockout, much to the shock of the fans who bought tickets for that match and was just getting ready to enjoy it.
  • Many of the fans are unaware why Travis Fulton has been given the nickname ‘Iron Man of UFC’. To make it clear, his record-book dominance in UFC earned him that name. He has 92 KO/TKO wins in the MMA history which is the highest and also had 152 wins by submission, the most number in MMA. By all means, he has the most wins in MMA with a record of 247-49-10.
  • Gary Goodridge, one of the greatest arm wrestlers, was a real hero. The fact that he had no MMA background before his entry to the UFC, he took Kuk Sool Won lessons and started his UFC career.
  • Jeff Monson as a children’s counselor, just imagine that. Yes, it’s true that he was once worked as a counselor. He holds Masters Degree in Psychology as well.
  • Retired MMA fighter and Russian politician Fedor Emelianenko is a good friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin gave Fedor Emelianenko a pep talk on national TV when he won against Jeff Monson.
  • Sports Illustrated, the famous sports magazine, featured an MMA fighter for the first time on its cover in May 2007. It was Roger Huerta who graced the cover to represent MMA and its growing popularity.

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