Although Joanna Jedrzejczyk appeared to submit to the fierce onslaught delivered by Rose Namajunas during the first round of their tussle for the strawweight title which took place in New York on Saturday night, she denies doing so. The dethroned former champ claims that she did not bring an end to the contest by tapping out.

Strident Insistence on The MMA Hour

When Jedrzejczyk appeared on this week’s The MMA hour, a mere 48 hours after she lost her title, she insisted that she had never made any signals for the fight to be ended. Speaking to Ariel Helwani, Jedrzejczyk said that although someone said she had tapped, she had most certainly not done so, and added that it was probably a case of her trying to stand up but being unable to get it right.

Jedrzejczyk went on to acknowledge that her standing up took some time, as punters engaged with the action thanks to the online betting markets so widely available for it will remember, from the moment she was hit, knocked to the ground, and then pounded when she was in the Turtle position, but said that, for her, it was a split-second. She said that it felt a lot different to what people were saying had happened.

Jedrzejczyk is Sticking to Her Story

When pressed once more, Jedrzejczyk stuck to her version of events, that she must have been trying to get back onto her feet, simply getting caught off-balance as she was trying to get a stable base by using her hand. She acknowledged that she couldn’t entirely remember what was happening at that point, but knew that she was struggling to get balanced. She ended up simply repeating that there was no way that she tapped.

An Out of Body Experience

Speaking about the fight stoppage, Jedrzejczyk said that, at that point, she felt as if she was outside of her body, watching the fight unfold. She also stated that, while she was warming up, she noticed that she was feeling slower than she usually did. She said not paying more attention to this was a big mistake, and that she felt that she wasn’t present for the fight. She described the feeling as being cut up, but standing alongside herself watching it, rather than experiencing it as it was occurring. She added that she didn’t see it, the punch, or its power.

Nonetheless, Stopping the Fight was a Good Call

Although Jedrzejczyk is resolute in that she did not tap out of the blows she was on the receiving end of, she has stated that she believed that the fight was stopped at the right time, just like the Mayweather/McGregor fight was. She stated that, although she did not know why, she was out, citing possible brain or head injuries. She added that she was intent on figuring out exactly what had happened, since this was the first time in almost 100 fights in kickboxing and boxing, and 15 MMA fights, that anything like this had occurred. It was the first time that she got cut, that someone managed to knock her down, and she was determined to figure out why it happened.

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  • kirby elena

    At this point of the MMA Hour interview she hadn’t watched the video still. I don’t believe based on what I’ve seen on video that she tapped out, I believe it was some kind of reflex due to the punch and it happened after the ref stopped the fight anyway, it is down in the books as a TKO not submission so it is really a moot point except to the particularly assholish fans of Rose Namajunas.