In boxing, the heavyweight division has always been the blue ribbon division, the one that everyone wants to know about. Of course, that doesn’t mean that people are not interested in other divisions, nor does it mean that it has always been the division that is filled with the most talented fighters.

In fact, it could be argued that it has been a long time since boxing’s heavyweight division has been its best in terms of talent. It has always been an overrated division which has allowed more exciting and talented fighters to fall under the radar.

This is particularly true of the middleweight division which has always had more interesting fights than the heavyweight one but never the attention. The middleweight division is like the craps of boxing. Craps is one of the best casino games and it is so fun to explore the best craps bets but craps doesn’t get the same attention as more flashy games, like poker or slots, even though craps is one of the best casino games to play in terms of your odds. It is similar to middleweight boxing and heavyweight boxing, one is showier but the other is better.

UFC has often had this problem, where heavyweight fights have a strange cache that other ones do not even if the quality is not as high in them. However, a number of stars have come into division recently to make it more exciting with a particular standout being Fabricio Werdum, whose hilarious antics have earned him fines along with laughs.

Alongside becoming one of the bigger personalities in UFC he has also consistently proved himself to be one of the most talented stars, which is what earned him the chance to take the UFC Heavyweight title in 2015 and he took that chance, to reach the top of the pile. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, he suffered his first defeat since 2011 when he was beaten by current champion Stipe Miocic in 2016 and lost his title.

He has failed to get back into a position to win the title since then, however, he has a great chance to make it back to the top of the pile and show himself to be the main contender to Miocic when he takes on Alexander Volkov in London. Volkov is ranked at the seventh best heavyweight in UFC and beating him handly would prove that Werdum is a step above the rest.

Werdum needs to make noise, he needs to show that he can beat any challenger and he needs to show that he can get back to a place where he can go over five years without defeat. This bout is a great starting point, it is his chance to get back to a place of invincibility and of power in the division. He will be hoping to show the world what he is made of in London and will be sure that Miocic is watching. It’s a long road back to the title for Werdum but his next fight could be the first big step.

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