At what is the most perfect time of year for setting new goals and targets, here at we have put together some great training tips to help you get the best out of your martial arts practice whatever you are hoping to achieve. These tips can help you start your year as you mean to go on and see you realising goals you may have thought out of your reach.

Learn from the Pros

Watching matches is our thing, but it is also a valid training tool. By watching live action pros competing you will understand more about your discipline. We rarely get the chance to see ourselves in action, so this is a great way to see elements of the sport up close. Look at the techniques they are using, how they are positioning the body and work out what it is that makes them so successful. Note what the winner does that the opponent fails to do and you will begin to understand how to put together a great game.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is a cliche but a very true one. Time gets pushed in every direction with work and home life conflicts so be sure to build in some decent practice time. The only way to improve is to spend the time on the mats getting some practice in. Building on the above tip you could also video your practice so you can see yourself and compare that to what you have seen the pros doing.  This gives you a chance to work on your own moves and use a month on month recording to see how far you have come.

Pick New Sparring Partners

It is a common thing that happens in classes across the country; we tend to pick the same sparring partner week on week. A great way to make sure you are getting the challenges you need to learn is to make sure you work with three different people in every training session. Pick someone at your level, then someone who is a beginner as this helps you think about the basic moves of your art. Finally pick someone that you know is working at a more advanced level than you, while this might mean you will lose more rounds than you win it gives you a chance to see where you are missing in skill.

Try a Different Martial Art

From time to time it is worth mixing things up a bit if you are boxing why not try BJJ for example. This form of cross training gives you a chance to build physical strength in other areas as well as working the mind learning a new discipline. This is also a great way to keep your body trim and in perfect fighting order. You will find that even those at the top of their field use cross training to boost their weekly schedule and keep themselves on top form. You can do this by adding a new session to your timetable or doing a bit of home study on days when you cannot get to the gym.


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