Conor McGregor is still considered as one of the best MMA fighters to date, even if his record has already been tainted numerous times. The latest one being his submission loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, it seems like this isn’t an issue for him as he’s been clamoring for another fight as soon as possible, even if he recently talked about his so-called retirement.

Irishman on a lookout

According to reports, McGregor is ready to fight any time even if his return to the UFC after a lengthy suspension is still under process. Reports state that talks regarding his next fight have started.

This is despite his recent announcement that he is going to retire, which many believe is just a marketing antic.

Unfortunately, there are a number of roadblocks that need to be overcome before an official comeback fight can be put in place. The Irishman’s last fight was way back in October last year where he lost by submission to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

It was a surprising defeat for McGregor as majority expected him to reign supreme, as what many sports bookmakers did expect as well during that time. However, things are supposed to change now, especially that McGregor announced his supposed retirement.

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Getting back to the topic, unfortunately, Khabib’s wrestling prowess took a toll on him early in the fight. McGregor succumbed to Khabib during the fourth round at UFC 229.

Since then, numerous opponents were put in line for McGregor to fight next. But nothing has been confirmed as of late. During McGregor’s appearance at “The Tonight Show” last Monday, the 30-year-old fighter said that his next fight will most likely happen this July.

Conor’s ‘brilliance’ continues

He added that there are many opponents who are waiting in line. McGregor even continued saying that he “can pick anyone who he pleases.” It’s worth nothing that Conor was looking forward to a matchup against Donald “Cowboy”Cerrone.

Unfortunately, plans were scrapped as the UFC chose to have them as the card’s co-main event. However, that wasn’t a problem for him as he amassed millions of dollars from succeeding fights.

It also did him some good as this attracted millions of fans around the globe, thus making him an instant worldwide sensation.

In fact, McGregor made record for having the two biggest UFC pay-per-views of all time. To make things more interesting, these matchups were all non-title fights. What more if he’s already contending for a belt?

Furthermore, there are also reports of McGregor facing Nate Diaz for a third and final fight. This, however, isn’t yet confirmed as Nate seems to be enjoying his off season for now. It’s also likely that the Irishman will face Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.

It turns out that this is more likely to happen as Pettis expressed interest in fighting the 21-4 fighter. Showtime is more confident than ever after he knocked out Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in UFC Fight Night 148.

For now, it’s not yet safe to say who McGregor will face next. But nonetheless, it’s assured that he’ll be coming back to fight in the Octagon later this year.

McGregor states that it is his passion to fight that allows him continue in fighting. He even clarified that money isn’t his main driving force for continuing fighting in the UFC, but it’s his love for the sport.

In his own words, the Irishman confidently said that he already did a lot and have been through different situations for him to back down from any wannabe contenders. He added that he even experienced dealing with “crazy external situations,” referring to his feud with Khabib’s team out of the octagon.

McGregor concluded his statement by saying that he is already contented with his life, both in monetary terms and in number of achievements. However, he still wishes to continue fighting because it is his passion.

Nate Diaz wants a share of vengeance

Meanwhile, there is Nate Diaz who also wants a fair share of McGregor’s fame (and wealth). In an Instagram post, Diaz can be seen in an intense training workout session with a message that seems to be aimed at someone, most probably his arch-nemesis McGregor.

Diaz has been buzzing for a fight since November last year after his supposed fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 was called off due to the latter’s injury. And now, it seems like his next fight will be against McGregor who’s set to return this July.

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