One thing that’s common among the different forms of martial arts is that they push you to become the best version of yourself. Any form of discipline supports this principle. Lifestyle habits that may otherwise have been wholly left unchecked are continually monitored and improved to achieve the physical standards required to fight in the ring.

To achieve your highest potential, there is simply no room for excuses when it comes to mixed martial arts, also known as MMA. A typical conditioning day for fighters includes hours and hours of arm work and legwork on the leather, sparring with opponents on the ring, and lots of cardio trainings. It takes absolute grit and dedication if you want to improve your performance and be considered a serious MMA contender.

Combat sports is a lot of work. To survive in the ring, you need to develop a certain level of athleticism and Superman lungs to last you in each round. Part of what makes one a great MMA fighter is to have stamina and endurance. You can achieve these by working on your cardio.

MMA and cardio training are entirely different monsters. A regular MMA fight can go super high pace with a lot of grappling, sparring, and scrambling. You need to have the lungs of steel to last long and do the things you will be doing in the fight. Even when you’re just doing circuit training, where you use exercises to simulate the battle, you still need a good amount of air for them.

Which Cardio Exercise Will Work Best for Fighters?

Doing cardio exercises, like running, biking, and swimming, to stay in shape as a fighter does not always translate into or produce good results when you’re on the mat.

It’s not uncommon for fighters who double as marathoners to gas when being grappled. They won’t do as bad as someone who has never been on a fight before, but most of them will tank against those who are conditioned solely as a grappler.

Cardio is an excellent workout that will help you, but you will still need to be putting in the conditioning work in MMA-specific exercises.

Low-Impact Exercise

Other than swimming, biking is the best cardio conditioning exercise that doesn’t wreck the knee joints. This is important for those who have sustained injuries in the past or feel pain above their knees. It’s also leisurely enough a workout to see the beauty of the outdoors and other panoramic views nearby while working up a good sweat.

Increase Muscular Endurance

Whether you are pedaling full speed or with a bit of resistance from gear shifts, cycling increases the muscular endurance of your lower limbs. Muscle groups like the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes help to develop a stable base for balance and powerful kicks. Your muscles get the legwork benefits that you put in.

The harder you pedal through, the more effective the cardio will be as a strengthening and conditioning exercise.

Cycling Is Weatherproof

Again, no excuses. Cycling is so convenient and readily accessible that there is just no good-enough reason not to put in the daily grind. You can bike with a cycling powerpod all year round regardless of the season.

Summer or winter, wet or excessively dry, no climatic conditions can deter you from working out. The technological breakthrough and equipment and clothing upgrades that the sport has received over the years make sure of that. Just a few quick stretches from your arms, legs, hips, necks, and back and some warmup conditioning, and you are ready to hop and go.

More Than Just Cardio, Cycling Helps Clear the Mind

When you’re in a fight, you should never lose your head. With biking, you can be sure that you never will. As you are riding on structured, mechanical two-wheeled equipment, every pedal you make is a balancing act of all its parts and components. It takes more than muscle memory to do this in one go.

There is a mental element to it that other cardio exercises will never be able to offer you. Numerous scientific studies support the idea of biking as a way to have a better brain. It helps you clear your mind as you go through the motion of pedaling. The bicycle on its own is an impressive piece of exercise machine that you can get anytime, anywhere.

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