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Juventus ace admits he could finish his storied career next year despite having 3 more years left on his current deal. At 34 years young, CR7 admits that the end is drawing nearer as he looks to become a full-fledged Juve legend. The biggest goal with his current team is winning the Champions League. Last year, Juve was knocked out in the ¼ finals by Ajax.

In a candid interview, Ronaldo said that he doesn’t think all that much about his retirement. He said that he can call it a career next year or perhaps he can play well into his early forties.

Upcoming Juve Games Available for Free at Live Streaming Football – 1xBet

Let’s take a look at the upcoming games of what could be Ronaldo’s last season. As always, we say that the best option for live streaming football – 1xBet. So, the upcoming fixtures are:

  • 08/24/2019 – Parma (away)
  • 08/31/2019 – Napoli (home)
  • 09/15/2019 – Fiorentina (away)
  • 09/22/2019 – Verona (home)
  • 09/25/2019 – Brescia (away)

It’s not exactly a walk in the park, but we think that Juventus will manage to beat every team with the expectation of Napoli. Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to be crucial for his team because there’s no other football player quite like him. Let’s take a quick look at Ronaldo’s stats this past season:

  • Games Played in Serie A: 30 (1)
  • Minutes in Serie A: 2689
  • Goals in Serie A: 21
  • Assists in Serie A: 8
  • Average Rating in Serie A: 7.68
  • Games Played in UCL: 9
  • Minutes in UCL: 749
  • Goals in UCL: 6
  • Assists in UCL: 2
  • Average Rating in UCL: 7.48

This kind of performance cannot be replicated, we don’t feel like. Still, you can place your bets on when and how CR7 will start to decline. Will he or won’t he retire the next season? There are many questions regarding Portugal’s legendary striker. You can try your hand at predictions and bets by signing up on 1xBet. It’s the best online betting website in all of Europe. Not only do they offer the best odds and most lucrative bonuses, but they also let you watch and bet on all sports online makes it easy to win big, no matter what sport, team or athlete you choose to follow.



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