MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is one of the most difficult sport to bet. It doesn’t matter if you are a staunch fan or not. The reason behind this is that every single fighter possesses unique styles and as the name suggests, the sport involves mixed styles including Karate, Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and more. The sport has been embraced in many countries and the bookmakers have incorporated the same on their sports selection. Bettors can take advantage of good markets and best betting odds on this promotional offer and potentially make impressive returns. The betting experience is fun, however, not easy. So, here are some betting tips you need to follow as you wager:

  • Understand the betting odds

This comes out as the first and major tip you need to keep in mind as you make your bet. For a great value of your bet, you will have to understand how the odds work. Get to evaluate all the markets which include; method of victory, rounds betting, Moneyline betting, parlay betting, over/under betting, and prop betting. Which markets are profitable? Moneyline betting is the simplest betting type and in many cases less profitable, so you will have to dig more in the other markets for a big profit.

  • View the Weigh-Ins

Most MMA weigh-ins take place a day before the actual bout. The period between the weigh-in and the fight is not enough for a weighty fighter to cut off some mass for proper rehydration. Therefore, a bettor can largely draw what to expect on the bout. Weight cutting is a crucial part of MMA for athleticism. Extreme dehydration is a recipe for knockout mainly due to the lessening of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. A fit fighter with good dieting program and conditioning will be good to bet on options such as ‘over/under’ and ‘number of rounds’

  • What is the location of the fight?

The distance covered by the fighters and the altitude of the ring will be crucial for your prediction. No matter the fitness of the fighter, the higher the altitude, the tougher the fight gets. To curb this limitation, the fighters might move to a camp for at least a week to acclimatize with the altitude (ensure you find out the dieting, condition, and his/her preparedness here). On the distance covered, a fighter who travels a day or two days before a fight for a long distance is bound to experience jet lag. An east trip carries more jet lag than a west trip. A tip for you!

  • Avoid betting heavy on the favorites

Unlike many other sports where, for example, you can heavily bet on Barcelona to topple Getafe with almost 99% success, MMA is different. This is not to say the favorites don’t win but with various fighters boasting of unique techniques and fighting under no pressure of expectations, upsets are witnessed regularly. In Joanna vs. Namajunas bout, Joanna was the favorite at odds of (-550) and Namajunas was the underdog at odds of (+250). Many opted for Joanna who was TKO’d in the 2nd round. That’s one of the many cases!

  • Fighters Age

On this tip, there are many angles to look at. The fighter might be in his/her prime, past the prime, and for those in the later ages may possess loads of experience needed on the game. However, statistical evidence of the game shows that many older fighters get more knockouts than the younger fighters. A fighter in the mid-30s is past his peak and is likely to wear out faster than the young ones.

  • Fighters technique

This is also a crucial detail. What are the fighter’s strengths and weaknesses? This will be measured on the following elements; the fighter’s knockout power, agile footwork, takedown ability, defense ability, his escape and attack ability, ground control, executing submissions and also defending them. Finally, his/her unique traits should also be put into consideration while backing a fighter.




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