MMA and WWE are the two most prominent and very similar forms of entertainment in the combat sports arena. Even though WWE seems like it is pre-determined and MMA is actually a legit form of fighting contest. These two actually share a number of battling moves most of their athletes use when they are inside the ring.

As much as WWE has many followers, the truth of the matter is that some of the wrestlers’ moves they employ inside the ring are adopted from MMA. And they are very much similar and dangerous. And in WWE they are allowed to use those kinds of moves for under a certain period of time.

Without wasting much of your precious time since you need to play games at online casinos for real money, we are going to share with you some of these moves.

Triangle Choke

This is one of the popular moves that we have witnessed on different occasions in the ring of MMA and WWE as well. The first triangle choke was actually utilized at the UFC 4 when Royce Gracie applied it to overcome Dan Severn in a tough final contest of the UFC 4 tournament. Nevertheless, two decades down the line, it is mostly used as a submission hold both in MMA and WWE. WWE superstars such as The Undertaker utilize and mastered the art of a tringle choke and he has used very well, in fact, he has actually won titles with this move. The likes of Demian Maia and Chris Lytle have also used this move during their MMA matches and this increased the number of punters at sites such as which also feature MMA betting odds.

Ankle Lock

The prolific Ken Shamrock was the master when it comes to implementing the ankle lock in the UFC as well as the WWF, he has managed to get hold of a memorable success in both careers.

Nevertheless, Shamrock overcame the wrath of Kimo during the UFC 8 with an ankle lock in his UFC championship defense match. He has applied the Anke lock on numerous occasions. That was his signature finishing move and only a few would manage to overcome that.


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