In today’s action-packed, technology-filled world when most people think about gaming they simply don’t think about poker or other card games. No, they are usually thinking about games filled with the highest quality graphics and intriguing storylines. This is only natural, as poker is one of the oldest games out there. However, just because it is one of the oldest games out there it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still have quite the following. In fact, it does. Despite the fact that the game is old and played out, there are still things that people are discovering about it every day. People have even started looking into the emotional side of poker and the effect that it can have on one’s emotions. Check out what they discovered.

Emotions Linked With Memory

Most people would probably try to tell you that you need to turn off your emotions when sitting down at a poker table. Unfortunately, it has been proven that this isn’t the way to go. And, one of the primary reasons for this is because of memory. That’s right, scientists have discovered that your emotions could be potentially linked to memory patterns. Memories are vital when it comes to the game of poker, and it is your emotions that allow you to learn from them as well as apply them. You have to look at it like this – the brain doesn’t collect facts, it collects thoughts and feelings. This is how you learn from your emotions and make different decisions in the future.

Understanding That Different Decisions Need To Be Made

When you really sit down and think about the information in the paragraph above it can really create a Catch-22 situation. And, this is where you have to be very careful. In the game of poker, a lot of logic is needed to make decisions. If the memory of a certain hand or situation isn’t a good one then it is likely to cloud your judgment. For instance, if you are trying to bluff against a player that you have failed against in the past, it is going to create bad emotional feelings and memories. An inexperienced player might not be able to pick up on this and end up making the wrong decision. A good player, on the other hand, should immediately recognize these emotions and know that a different decision needs to be made in order to read the desired outcome.

Use Emotions To Trigger Clear Thinking

It is no big secret that becoming overly emotional is going to affect your poker game. You only have a limited amount of time to react to a certain situation, play, or hand, and if your judgment is clouded, you are less likely to make the right decision. And, most people have a bad habit of flooding their brains with nasty or negative thoughts. Just go back to the following scenario. If you are facing off with a player that has beaten you in the past, you likely already have the feeling that you are going to lose again. This is why you must learn to use these memories to help trigger clearer thinking. Teach yourself to recognize when these emotions come up, catch them, clear your head, and make the decision that will benefit you most.

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