Jon Jones successfully defended his light heavyweight championship at UFC 247 against Dominick Reyes, and quickly, all eyes turned to what could be next for the champion. It wasn’t the easiest night of action of Jones, as he started slowly and almost paid the price for that. However, he showed his class in the final two rounds to win comfortably in the end, to just highlight how he is the dominant athlete in this weight class.

The fight was still contentious due to the ten-point system that is used in the UFC, with many experts and ex-fighters believing that Reyes had done enough to win the fight. However, he still showcased that he will do everything that is needed to get the job done. The UFC travels to London in March, with Leon Edwards from Birmingham, looking to continue his strong start to his UFC career. However, before then, we could learn whom Jones will be taking on in his next appearance in the Octagon. But, who are the leading contenders?

Dominick Reyes

Due to the backlash that has come from their first fight, we could see an immediate rematch between Jones and Reyes. It would likely be an avenue that both Jones and Reyes would be happy with, and fans would certainly tune in to see them do battle once more. Jones performs better in rematches and would feel confident that he would still be carrying the gold after another bout with Reyes as he could re-watch the tape from his first fight. This looks like the most likely scenario for fight fans, but they may be interested in seeing a fresh bout.

Stipe Miocic

Jones and his camp have continuously flirted with the option of stepping up in weight class and making a move for the heavyweight title. That could once again be on the cards should the fight and money be right for Jones. There are still many doubters over whether Jones is one of the best of all-time despite his dominant record, but if he was to win the heavyweight title, then that would silence a lot of haters. Although, there would still be sections that would point at his countless drugs violations. Fight fans would be intrigued to see Jones come up against the current champion Stipe Miocic.

There wouldn’t be much difference in size between the two, and Jones would probably be the better wrestler. It would have a lot of interesting dynamics and would certainly be a fight that the fans would pay to see.

Israel Adesanya

Social media does a lot of the talking for fighters in this modern era, and Adesanya and Jones have been going back and forth on Twitter for months now. Adesanya is the current middleweight champion, and a fight between himself and Jones would be main-event worthy. Both fighters have enjoyed excellent careers in the MMA, and this bout would present a money-spinning occasion. Adesanya hasn’t lost in the UFC to this point and has already pin-pointed 2021 as a possible year for the Jones fight. That means that fight fans may have to wait a while longer, but it is certainly looking a likely bout next year.

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