Over the last decade, fans have been served with lots of fun-filled UFC fights. Ranging from stunning submissions and dramatic knockouts, these fights will always stand out from other fights. In fact, in the last ten years mixed martial arts have consistently grown in popularity, in part due to UFC’s audience ballooning. Now more than ever, people are looking to start MMA themselves at local clubs. For anyone looking for tips on starting then check out the website PunchPrime, they can answer some unanswered questions.

Now to the good part, below are some of the top men and women UFC fights of the last decade that will forever stick in our minds. Enjoy.

Miesha Tate versus Holly Holm, UFC 196 2016

This was one of the most-watched UFC fights of all time. The reason was that the main event of UFC 196 was between Conor McGregor versus Nate Diaz. The co-event was pitting Miesha Tate and Holly Holm. Miesha Tate spent most of her UFC career as a second-best fighter in the bantamweight division. This was her best chance to claim the championship and she was more than ready. The fight was a tense one and each fighter threw her best punches trying to knock off the opponent. But in the fifth round, Miesha Tate secured a takedown and this spelled doom on Holly Holm. This rear-naked choke eventually forced Holly to submission and handed Miesha her first championship.

Cub Swanson versus Doo Ho Choi, UFC 206 2016

Fresh from winning his fight against Thiago Tavares via a knockout, Doo Ho Choi requested a fight with Cub Swanson as his next fight. His wish was granted and the stage set in Toronto, Canada. However, the match would not last long since the back and forth brawls, the match came into conclusion via the judge’s decision in favor of Cub Swanson. The match was so intense that in the last round, they were both exhausted as it was visible. This match kept the fans screaming and it is still unimaginable that Doo Ho Choi received all those brawls.

Anderson Silva versus Chael Sonnen, UFC 117 2010

This was one of the most hyped middleweights matches in MMA history. This was thanks to Chael Sonnen trash talk about Anderson Silva. With a legendary UFC career, Anderson Silva was in no mood to let the mouth ofl Chael Sonnen ruin his CV. Although many fans were not disputing Chael’s ability in the hexagon, many still wondered if he could walk the talk in the ring. Chael controlled the match and had an upper hand on many occasions and many anticipated that he would victorious. Surprisingly, with 1.50 minutes left on the clock, Silva showed his composure by pulling off a triangle choke which forced Chael Sonnen into submission.

Holly Holm versus Ronda Rousey, UFC 195 2016

Riding high on numerous victories, Ronda Rousey was one of the biggest stars in UFC history. Though everyone expected this fight to be an easy win for Ronda Rousey, Holly had other ideas in mind. Holly Holm delivered one of the biggest upsets in the sport’s history and this elevated her UFC credentials. Through a left head kick, Holly delivered a devastating knockout and this came as a surprise to many. This hit Ronda Rousey because it was her first-ever loss and it was never the same for her and she lost the next match too to Amanda Nunes.

Dan Henderson versus Shogun Run, UFC 139 2010

This is one of those fights that was action-packed, thrilling, and a bloody fight. It was the second non-title headliner with five rounds and it featured 25 minutes of non-stop action. It was back and forth punch filled action which was decided on the judge’s decision in favor of Dan Henderson with a score of 48-47. By watching this match from libraries, it will be evident as to why this fight remains as one of the top UFC fights of the last decade. Dan Henderson deservedly won the match fair and square.

Nate Diaz versus Conor McGregor 2, UFC 202 2016

There is no way the list for top UFC fights of the last decade would be complete without the mention of this fight. Conor McGregor, the notorious as he was flying high due to his success in the hexagon. He had not lost a fight in five years, winning six out of his seven UFC bouts by knock out. Nate Diaz was fresh from winning a fight against Conor via submission before this match and therefore this fight was expected to be an all-out brawl filled fight. The match did not disappoint and it was all that was expected by all fans around the world. Although this fight could have gone either way, Conor McGregor emerged victorious via a decision from the judges.

Hope you find time to through memory lane and enjoy every fight.

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