Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is traced back to the ancient Olympic Games, a combat sport done in ancient Greece where one is victorious when the other one verbally expressed defeat or collapsed to unconsciousness.

Today, MMA allows a large variety of fighting techniques that include, but are not limited to, striking, kicking, and grappling, which are techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, karate, and Muay Thai.

When playing a highly active sport like this, it’s important to have proper back support. When your spine doesn’t receive adequate back support, chances of injury heightens. Prolonged contractions on undeveloped lower back muscles also lead to fatigue, which will then put an extra strain on the muscles, reducing the stability and stiffness of your torso.

Why Is The Back Important In MMA? Why Does It Need To Be Supported?

Did you know that your lower back is one of the areas that are most frequently injured when playing sports? It’s also one of the most reportedly common areas of pain for athletes.

Athletes rely heavily on their back muscles, bones, and ligaments in order to perform at the highest level and win. Like with playing MMA, your back twists a lot as you wrestle with another person. During this time, stretching your back is important for defense.

The back is one of the most important things that athletes need to protect. Because of this, Orthopedic surgeons recommend proper back support so that injury is avoided and should there ever be one, the damage is only minimal.

The benefit of this to athletes is that they gain an edge on their opponent. In addition to that proper back support also gives athletes better posture.

If you’re an MMA player, then you want your experience to be safe. Therefore, you should use and have proper back support.

Here are three reasons why preventing pain with appropriate back support is important in this contact sport:

  1. Transfers Energy From One Part of The Body To The Other

Being able to efficiently transfer energy will result give sufficient speed and strength to your limbs. When your torso stiffens, your corse is stabilized, which means that energy is not lost even when transferred from the lower half of your body to the top, or even vice versa.

The core – refers to the area of the body from the pelvis to the sternum and the abdomen – directly affects the transfer of energy within your body. This may be one of the reasons behind sports performance and increased risks in strain an injury to underdeveloped core muscles.

Back support strengthens the core, which aids in the efficient transfer of energy when you play. Thus, having proper back support can directly have an effect on your endurance and strength during a match.

  1. Increases Stability Over The Top Half of Your Body

Having proper back support helps stabilize the top half of your body, which in turn stabilizes your body’s performance during an MMA fighting match.

When the muscles are stiff, the amount of weight that your spinal column is able to support increases. Not being able to hold under intense weight pressure will result in performance issues and possible potential injury.

With MMA, the strength of your spinal column is very important because it’s under a lot of pressure that needs to be sustained.

The sport also requires the athlete to constantly change position while holding on to their opponent. Movements such as these can be demanding on the core muscles. Therefore, it’ll need adequate back support in order to sustain the core, side, and back muscles to give upper body stability.

  1. Protects Your Vital Organs

Proper back support strengthens your muscles and body to be able to perform well during sports. Your torso contains these specific muscles, which protect a number of organs that protect your body’s ability to function well. So, in one statement, good proper back support also helps protect vital organs in your body.

There are not that many bones in that area, so it’s the task of your core muscles to protect them by stiffening the core in order to act as a shield to these organs. This is vital especially when playing contact sports.

Damage to organs via an external force can result in internal bleeding. This is very dangerous and when not treated immediately, and can lead to an extended hospital stay, which means hospital bills might make you miss out on some training and competition.


It’s vital to give proper back support, especially when involved with a sport like Mixed Martial Arts. Proper back support protects your spine and other vital organs of your body, which helps increase stability and energy transfer as you play.

Take care of your body’s overall condition to make the best out of MMA.



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