It is not easy to become a professional poker player or a professional gambler and to know when to hit in blackjack. The same applies to become a professional at anything because being a pro requires a lot of learning and practice. Sure, you can learn about something and have the much-needed knowledge but if you don’t have practice, you won’t be a pro. Think about engineers, they go to a University and get a degree. But they are still not engineers; they need practice prior to becoming eligible to pass an additional exam. So, let’s mention some tricks on becoming a professional poker player.


You need to pick one gaming style and stay with it. Think of it as specialization. Cash games are for those who like the flexibility, tournaments are dynamic and MTTs are long games. There is no best format, only the one that is best for you. So, carefully research the different types and choose the optimal one. Sticking with one format will help you specialize in it and over time, you’ll know all the tricks.


If you want to become a professional, you’ll have to invest both time and resources in your path. Sure, you can find a lot of stuff for free but it will never be as structured as a paid education. Reading articles and watching videos is a great addition to your knowledge but having a structured educational approach is the best thing. Think about it this way, all sportsmen have coaches and personal trainers. Why should you be better than them?

Even if you are having good results in poker, continue the learning curve. The world is dynamic and everything is changing and so do you have to constantly learn to stay at the top. Pay special attention to analysing your opponents and observing them. Take notes of your play and your uncertainties and discuss them with professionals.


Discipline is probably the most important skill set that you need. Discipline will help you in money management, control of emotions, learning and everything else. Losing focus is a dangerous thing in poker. Make sure that your body and mind are rested and in good shape. Don’t play poker when you are agitated or sleepy. Exercise and eat healthy and remove any distraction from your playing room such as a smartphone, tablet, etc.

These are just some tips on how to become a professional poker player and there are many more. The most important thing is to have a genuine love of the game and the desire to constantly improve your game. Remember, knowledge has no end.

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