The event has had its fair share of troubles over the last few weeks – as the effects of the coronavirus have spread throughout the world and officials have responded, the UFC have been forced to move the event around to different locations throughout the US and even looking to options outside of the US to save the event – to the dismay of many, it has been confirmed that Khabib will no longer headline the card against Ferguson after he flew back to Russia in the midst of the global crisis, and with the borders closing shortly after and flights grounded, it had seemed inevitable for quite some time.

As of typing this out, Dana White has yet to confirm who will replace him for the main card headliner – McGregor will be unable to step in as his coach stated in a video that there would be no chance in making that happen. Others such as Poirier and Masvidal have offered to step in, but maybe have placed Justin Gaethje as the favourite. Unlike this site that shows those bingo operators not on gamstop, there’s still a lot we’re uncertain on – we’re not sure where it’ll take place, we’re not sure if any other fights on the card have been cancelled, and we’re not sure if the main card fight will be rebooked in to the future – but we’ll take a look at the other main card fights to see how the event is shaping up.

Andrade – Namajunas

This will be a big rematch to watch – Rose had lost her title to Andrade on rather shocking fashion after being slammed on to her head at UFC237, but Andrade wasn’t able to hold the momentum after losing the title to now strawweight superstar Zhang Weili just a few months later. Many will be looking at Rose to see if she has found a return to form, but as a fighter that has had her battles with anxiety, it’s yet to be seen if the global coronavirus issues will have had their impact on her. The winner of this fight, however, may find themselves right back in line for another title shot.

Makhachev – Hernandez

Alex Hernandez is one of the explosive young guys in the division who had been on a very good run with some good wins under his belt until he ran in to Daddy Cerrone who would humble Hernandez with his first loss since 2013. He did bounce back with a win against Trinaldo a little later in the year, but now he faces a new challenge in the countryman of Nurmagomedov – Islam Makhachev. Makhachev is also on a strong winning streak, currently 18-1 in his professional career with his first loss coming in 2015, many will be looking for him to continue his strong streak of performances through the lightweight division and break his way into the top ten.

Once the confirmations have been made for the location of the fight and who will be replacing Khabib for the main card headline fight, many will be scrambling to get their bets in and ready themselves for a long Sunday night, but there will also be those looking to any announcement after the event to see if a sixth booking between Ferguson and Khabib is at all possible – it is difficult to trust Dana if he ever says that he definitely won’t rebook the fight as he has done in the past, but only time will tell.



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