When it comes to mixed martial arts training, you know how to drill yourself until your body gives up. You know how to push yourself more and more for an outstanding workout inside the gym. But are you equally dedicated towards helping your body recover for the next workout?

MMA training can leave you bone-tired. And if you do not prepare yourself to bounce back with your full potential, you will only go backward. And eventually, your bones and muscles will give out. Therefore, it is necessary to couple your MMA training with post-MMA recovery methods to increase your endurance and get better every day. So, here are the five most important tips for faster recovery from your mixed martial arts training.

  1. Supplements – Protein supports muscle growth post MMA training and carbohydrates help muscles recover faster. So, consume these two nutrients to help your muscles start recovering immediately. Some quick sugar is always helpful when the muscles are thirsty for nutrients. You can consider having a sports drink. But if you’re opposed to sports drinks, you can have some tart cherry juice and a whey protein shake. Tart cherry consists of naturally occurring sugars and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Chocolate milk after a workout is also advisable since it has the perfect protein to carbohydrates ratio.

Another post-training supplement is glutamine; it speeds muscle recovery and restores strength.

  1. Nutrition – Nutrition is important to help the body heal and recover from tough workouts. Nutritional foods also fuel the body so that it can endure long and strenuous hours of training. And the most important nutrient after the training is protein. So, consume protein-rich foods such as lean meat, fish, beans, lentils, cheese, low-fat milk, nuts, and eggs. However, if you’re aiming to cut weights, steer clear of meats since they take longer to digest.

Good fats are also an important part of your meal post training since they convert to energy when you work out. So, include fats such as soy, nuts, olives, avocados, sesame, peanuts, sardines, tuna, salmon, etc. in your diet. Moreover, drink at least 1 gallon of water every day because the body tends to lose a lot of water when you’re training.

  1. Compression Clothing – Compression clothing reduces muscle inflammation, pain, and damage by improving the blood flow and regulating lactate metabolism. So, make sure you wear suitable compression clothing when exercising or training. Also, it’s a common tendency to overlook the importance of compression socks, but make sure you wear them every day because poor blood circulation in extremities causes stiffness and soreness, which impacts performance.

Copper compression socks from Copper Clothing are perfect for boosting your training and post-training recovery. Instead of being just ‘tight,’ they apply varying degrees of pressure to:

  • Boost blood circulation
  • Reduce muscle stiffness or inflammation
  • Prevent blood clots
  • Improve post-training recovery

Moreover, copper-infused clothing has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of copper that work wonders for athletes and martial artists.

  1. Cold Showers or Ice Baths – Cooler water helps flush out the built-up lactic acid in muscles and limit inflammation. So, after an intense training session, you can take a very cold shower or even a 5-minute-long ice bath. When you sit in extremely cold and unpleasant water, your blood vessels tend to constrict. And when you get back out, they open up again. This helps get rid of metabolic waste.
  1. Massages –Massages have added benefits since they help break and get rid of the built-up lactic acid in muscles. They include knocking out small bends and tweaks before they turn into serious injuries. Massages certainly speed up the recovery after strenuous MMA training, so you might want to try out a sports massage and see how it works for you.

While all of these MMA recovery methods are extremely efficient, your body won’t fully recover from the after-effects of an MMA workout if you don’t give it adequate rest. So, make sure that you sleep for 7.5 to 8.5 hours every day.

Do not ignore the need for post-workout recovery because if you do, your subsequent sessions will not be as intense as they should be. All the best!

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